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Venom Proteomics Analysis

As a natural animal and plant toxin protein, venom contains a variety of enzymes, non-enzymatic proteins and other small molecule proteins, and has a wide range of biological activities and pharmacological effects. They can not only poison people and animals, but also become a source of natural active drugs. As proteomics methods began to appear in venom research, great progress has been made in the research of venom proteomics and related methods and technologies. Creative Proteomics provides efficient separation products, leading chromatographic mass spectrometry technology and proteomics data processing services for venom proteomics research. We can help scientists develop the most advanced and complete solutions, greatly improve the efficiency of research work, and make you more confident to face the challenges of venom proteomics research.

Venom Proteomics Analysis Related Services

Creative Proteomics has many years of experience in analytical services in the field of venom proteomics. In addition to the venom proteome analysis services provided below, we will also provide customized proteome data analysis services according to customer needs.

Technical Route

Based on the research progress of bioinformatics analysis methods, Creative Proteomics has established a venom proteomic analysis platform and provided a complete set of bioinformatics solutions.

Technical Route

Application Fields

  • Identify and analyze the composition of the venom, including the protein type and specific content of the venom.
  • It provides a new research perspective for the diversity of venoms, evolutionary biology and pharmacology.
  • Provide effective guidance for the development of subsequent clinical poisoning treatments such as anti-venom serum.
  • It can improve people's understanding of the function and evolution of venomes, and has an important role in promoting the search for lead compounds in poisoning treatment and new drug design.
  • Multi-omics solutions jointly in-depth data mining: from genome, transcriptome, to proteomics, metabolomics, complete omics research methods realize in-depth mining of venom proteomics data results.

Customer Notice

Customer Provided

  • Samples to be identified
  • Sample information sheet (please fill in the sample species, source, content, status and other basic information in detail)

Final Delivery

  • An experiment report, including specific experimental procedures and qualitative and quantitative results of peptide groups (bioinformatics analysis).
  • The content of bioinformatics analysis includes: Peptide sequence and corresponding prerequisite protein information; Prerequisite protein: GO function classification, COG function annotation, Pathway annotation; Protein network interaction prediction (advanced analysis); Protein Domain Analysis (Advanced Analysis).

Service Cycle

According to the experiment content

Creative Proteomics welcomes your inquiry. You only need to place an order and send a venom sample or venom protein sequencing raw data. Our one-stop service is completed: customized analysis plan, protein raw data evaluation, bioinformatiics data analysis, and to complete report. The venom proteomics data analysis services we provide are suitable for different types of poisonous species or venom research, such as fire-bellied toads, snakes, scorpions, frogs, venomous lizard, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc. Thank you for your attention to our venom proteomics data analysis service! If you have any questions, please fill in the inquiry form and contact us immediately.

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