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Terrestrial Animals Venom Solutions

Animal venom is a natural source of biologically active molecules, and most of the venoms have not been researched and developed, and they are all attractive candidates for the development of new therapies. In the current animal venom research, the most studied are some poisonous terrestrial animals, such as snakes, scorpions, bees, frogs, etc., as well as some marine animals, such as cone snails, jellyfish, and sea anemones. Among them, terrestrial animal venom is extensively studied, and these animal venom compounds are used as research tools or sources for new drug development. Therefore, Creative Proteomics uses advanced methods of genomics and proteomics to provide solutions for various undeveloped terrestrial animal venoms or known venoms.

Terrestrial Animal Venom Solutions

We use a multi-omics platform to conduct venom research, including genome, transcriptome, and proteomic analysis services to gain insight into higher-level venom molecular composition and biological activity characteristics.

  • Genome analysis of terrestrial animal venom. Whole-genome high-throughput sequencing services, including DNA extraction, library construction, sequencing, and data analysis.
  • Transcriptome analysis of terrestrial animal venom. Transcriptome sequencing services, including RNA isolation, library construction, sequencing, and gene differential expression analysis.
  • Proteome analysis of terrestrial animal venom. High-throughput sequencing technology and bioinformatics analysis services, including sample preparation, peptide/protein enrichment, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics data analysis.
  • Characterization of biological activity. Various important physiological activity measurement services, including toxicological and pharmacological characteristics.

Types of Terrestrial Animal Venom

We mainly provide venom solutions for terrestrial venomous animals.

For terrestrial animals, our service targets mainly include invertebrates, vertebrates, mammals, etc. The species that we provide venom research services include but are not limited to:

Applications of Terrestrial Animal Venom

Terrestrial Animal venom usually includes enzymes, proteins without enzymatic activity, and peptides, which have a wide range of different biological functions. We provide terrestrial animal venom solutions to help them better apply to basic research and new drug development, including:

Terrestrial Animal Venom Applications
Drug development Hypertension treatment, hyperglycemia treatment, yreatment of various thrombotic diseases, hemostatic treatment
Diagnostic tool Antithrombin activity detection, fibrinogen level detection
Cosmeceuticals Facial anti-wrinkle, skin whitening
Venom therap Bee venom therapy, leech therapy


  • High-throughput omics methods: advanced proteomics, transcriptomics and genomics technologies.
  • Practical solutions: provide a research basis for the development of effective, cheap and safe anti-venom serum.
  • Suitable for future research directions: look for new compounds as the basis for the development of new drugs or as new molecular tools.

Venom classifications are widely distributed and exist in all types of terrestrial animals, and the toxins in many venoms also have the potential to treat a variety of diseases. Based on this, Creative Proteomics is committed to providing a full range of animal venom research services. We insist on winning the trust and cooperation of our customers with professionalism. Please feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

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