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Venom Protein Qualification

With years of experience in protein identification and quantitative analysis, Creative proteomics provides analysis of massive amounts of venom protein data generated by different protein quantitative technologies. We provide bioinformatics analysis of the proteomics data generated by different proteomics quantitative technologies, including label quantitative proteomics and label free quantitative proteomics quantitative technologies. The data analysis we provide can be used for quantitative proteomics research of different poisonous species, such as snakes, scorpions, frogs, monster lizards, fire-bellied toads, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc.


Venom quantitative proteomics data analysis.

Quantitative analysis is divided into relative quantitative and absolute quantitative analysis. The purpose of the relative quantitative analysis of venom protein is to determine the relative proportion of target venom protein expression in two or more toxic species samples without knowing their specific expression in each sample. The absolute quantitative analysis of venom protein refers to the analysis of the content of venom protein through the absolute quantitative proteomics research technology of mass spectrometry. Quantitative analysis of venom proteins through bioinformatics methods can quickly identify and quantitatively analyze the protein and polypeptide components of venoms, and dig out the composition and structure of venom components.

Application of Venom Quantitative Proteomics Analysis

  1. Identify and analyze the composition of the venom, including the protein type and specific content of the venom.
  2. Through the analysis of the venom composition, further explore the pathogenesis of being bitten by poisonous species such as snakes and scorpions.
  3. Provide effective guidance for the development of follow-up clinical poisoning treatments such as anti-venom serum.
  4. Study the difference in the composition of venom between different poisonous species, or the difference in the composition of the venom of the same poisonous species in different periods.
  5. Research on the evolution of venom.
  6. Multi-omics schemes joint in-depth data mining: from genomes, transcriptomes, to proteomes, metabolomics, comprehensive omics research methods realize in-depth mining of venom proteomics data results.

Creative Proteomics Technical Route

The venom quantitative proteomics analysis services provided by Creative Proteomics, from venom protein extraction, LC-MS/MS sequencing, and to protein quantitative and analysis, has undergone scientific and meticulous design and strict quality control at every step to ensure high-quality research results. The following figure shows the general pipeline of Creative Proteomics' venom quantitative proteomics bioinformatics data analysis:

Venom quantitative proteomics data analysis pipeline - Creative Proteomics.Fig 1. Venom quantitative proteomics data analysis pipeline - Creative Proteomics

Analysis Content

In addition to providing general data analysis content, Creative Proteomics also provides customized analysis based on customer needs. Designed to help researchers to mine effective venom protein information to the maximum extent.

Standard information analysis:

  •         Venom quantitative proteomics data output statistics.
  •         Data quality control (within the group
  •         Coefficient of variation, principal component analysis and quantitative correlation of samples)
  •         Venom protein identification and quantitative results.
  •         Venom protein GO analysis, COG/KOG analysis, and analysis of protein pathway metabolic pathway.
  •         GO enrichment analysis of differential venom proteins.
  •         Differential venom protein COG/KOG enrichment analysis.
  •         Pathway enrichment analysis of differential venom proteins.
  •         Repeatability analysis (only designed for repeated experiments).
  •         Clustering of expression patterns among multiple samples (three or more samples are available).
  •         Time series analysis.
  •         Differentially expressed venom protein interaction analysis.
  •         Subcellular localization of differentially expressed venom proteins.

Customized information analysis

  •         The content of customized information analysis services can be negotiated and determined based on customer needs.

Creative Proteomics, as a rare professional venomics research service provider in the world, relies on its years of bioinformatics data analysis experience to provide customers with one-stop venom protein identification and analysis services. If you have any questions about our service, please feel free to contact our technical support, the technical support will reply to you as soon as possible.

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