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Nanotechnology Services in Venom

Venom is a natural source of extremely rich and complex biologically active molecules, with a variety of molecular targets and functions, mainly including proteins and peptides. Both traditional medicine and folklore mention the use of venom to treat various diseases, and research has also scientifically verified the medical application of venom. Nanotechnology currently used for drug development has attracted wide attention in different fields, and of course it is also used in animal-derived venom with potential medicinal value. The use of nanotechnology to develop nano-scale venom molecules makes the venom easier to be absorbed by cells and has better efficacy. Creative Proteomics provides nanoparticle-conjugated venom toxin design services for some potential venoms and toxins, such as snakes, amphibians, scorpions and bees, in order to obtain possible treatment clues for emerging diseases.

Our Nanotechnology Services in Venom

Combining nanotechnology with venom research is a promising aspect. Venom is a valuable biologically active molecular resource, which has shown effective and promising contributions in biomedical research. Combining the potential of these two unique fields will provide better therapeutic molecules for future applications in drug delivery, enhanced stability, reduced toxicity, bioavailability, and targeted drug delivery. Regarding the conjugate of venom bioactive molecules with nanoparticles, these molecules have better therapeutic advantages in many fields of biomedical research. Therefore, in order to assist in the development of the therapeutic potential of venom, Creative Proteomics provides the following venom nanotechnology services.

Service Process

Our service process consists of 3 stages. First, set up a research team specifically responsible for the project, and customize service plans according to customer needs. Start the research process, design and obtain nanoparticles, load the target venom, and test its effectiveness, and finally submit the results to the customer.

Service Process of Nanotechnology Services

Applications of Nanotechnology in Venom

The combination of venom toxins and suitable nanoparticles can not only provide ideas for the development of new drugs, but also provide better drug delivery systems, which will have better therapeutic potential and biocompatibility. Here are some related research applications of nanotechnology in venoms, and they have developed therapeutically active nanoparticles conjugated to venom toxins.

Table 1. Therapeutically active nanoparticle conjugated venom-toxins (Biswas A, et al. 2012)

Venom/ToxinNanoparticles for conjugationTherapeutic effect
Bee venomBiodegradable poly (d,l-lactic-co-glycolide)Acupuncture
Bombesin peptidesNano-goldAnti-arthric
BufalinWheat germ agglutininAnti-cancer
Naja naja oxiana venomChitosan encapsulatedAdjuvent
MellitinPolyethylenimine-coated hexagonal-phase NaYF4: Yb, Er/Ce nanoparticles
Grafted lipid nanoparticles of perflurocarbon
Diagnostics and anticancer
ChlorotoxinSupermagnetic iron oxide + methotrexate
Supermagnetic iron oxide as nanovector
Polyethyleneglycol-grafted chitosan copolymer with near flurophore
Anti-cancer against glioma
Non-invasive diagnosis; tumor preoperative diagnostics, tumor resection and post-operative assessment

Creative Proteomics provides customers with nanoparticle-coupled venom toxin design services to develop the medicinal potential of certain venom toxins. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us.


  • Biswas A, et al. Nanoparticle-conjugated animal venom-toxins and their possible therapeutic potential. J Venom Res, 2012, 3:15-21.
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