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Integrated Analysis of PTMs Omics and Metabolomics


Integrated analysis of PTMs omics and metabolomics

Post Translational Modifications (PTMs) of proteins are a covalent processing process that proteins undergo during or after translation. The post-translationally modified proteome refers to the post-translationally modified proteins at the overall level of cells or tissues. Currently, known protein post-translational modifications mainly include glycosylation, phosphorylation, acylation, ubiquitination, disulfide bond pairing, methylation and nitrosylation, and so on. The metabolome is the overall level of small molecules (usually called metabolites) in cells, tissues, or organisms. Post-translational modification of proteins can regulate cell biological processes and affect the body's metabolic changes. Post-translationally modified proteins that affect metabolism include not only post-translationally modified transcription factors, but also post-translationally modified metabolic enzymes.

In venom-related research, integrated analysis of venom post-translational modification proteomics and metabolomics, by comparing their expression similarities and differences, is conducive to analyzing venom synthesis and metabolism mechanisms from different levels, and discovering differences in modified proteins, metabolites, and important pathways and related genes. Finally, it is helpful to identify the natural peptides related to the synthesis of venom and the metabolic process of venom.

What Creative Proteomics Offers

Creative Proteomics uses Thermo Fisher's mass spectrometry platform combined with nano LC-MS/MS nanoliter chromatography to provide different types of venom-related post-translational modification identification and analysis services, such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, ubiquitination, acetylation, methylation, disulfide bond, and nitrosation. In addition, it also provides a variety of sample targeted and untargeted metabolomics analysis services. Creative Proteomics provides customizable bioinformatics analysis methods for integrated analysis of venom post-translational modification proteomics and metabolomics, so as to provide high-quality one-stop data analysis services for the majority of scientific researchers.

Method Flow

PTMs omics and metabolomics integrated analysis pipeline - Creative ProteomicsFig 1. Integrated Analysis of PTMs omics and metabolomics pipeline - Creative Proteomics

Technical Advantages

Compared with single-omics analysis, venom PTMs omics and metabolomics integrated analysis have the following advantages:

  • Through the analysis of the expression level at the venom PTMs level and the metabolic level, the full spectrum analysis of venom PTMs and metabolites is realized.
  • Through the post-translational modification analysis of the venom, the natural peptides in the venom components can be identified, and the target peptides can be analyzed without bias, so as to more accurately identify the venom components.
  • Studying the components of venom through PTMs and metabolic levels can promote an overall understanding of the pathological and physiological processes of venom.

Project Report

Creative Proteomics's service tenet is to provide customers with one-stop venom PTMs omics and metabolomics integrated analysis, Creative Proteomics will provide customers with complete data analysis results reports, including:

  1. Experimental procedure (different mass spectrometry detection methods).
  2. Related experimental parameters.
  3. The raw sequencing data, including PTMs mass spectrometry data and metabolomics data.
  4. Software and parameter settings used in the analysis process.
  5. Data analysis result pictures and tables.

How to Order?

Creative Proteomics Services pipeline. -Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics, as a rare professional venomomics research service provider in the world, relies on its years of venom research experience to provide customers with one-stop venom PTMs omics and metabolomics integrated analysis services. From sample preparation, to high-throughput sequencing, to the joint analysis of PTMs omics and metabolomics, Creative Proteomics provides services to accelerate your venom research process. If you have any questions about our venomomics service, please feel free to contact our technical support, the technical support will reply to you as soon as possible. Look forward to working with you!

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