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Integrated Analysis of Transcriptomics and Proteomics


Integrated analysis of lipidomics and proteomics.  

        The transcriptome is a collection of complete transcription information in cells under specific developmental stages or physiological conditions, and represents the intermediate state of gene expression. Transcriptome sequencing can classify all transcripts, determine the transcription structure of genes, and quantify the expression level of transcripts. The change of its content plays an important role in the growth of organisms, environmental stress, and disease occurrence and development. And the process from DNA, mRNA to protein involves a complete set of fine expression control mechanisms, such as transcription control, post-transcriptional control, translation control, post-translational control, etc. Therefore, by detecting the expression of mRNA and protein and performing joint analysis, it is possible to more comprehensively explore the composition, pathogenic mechanism, biological activity and pharmacological effects of the venom.

What Creative Proteomics Offers

Creative Proteomics's transcriptome sequencing service based on a high-throughput sequencing platform can detect the overall transcription level of venom or any toxic species at the single nucleotide level. A variety of proteomics quantitative and qualitative services provided can identify and analyze different venom proteins. Combined with customizable bioinformatics analysis methods, Creative Proteomics provides you with one-stop venom transcriptomics and proteomics integrated analysis services from experimental design, sample testing, and data analysis to meet a variety of testing needs.

Method Flow

Transcriptomics and proteomics integrated analysis process - Creative ProteomicsFig 1. Transcriptomics and proteomics integrated analysis process - Creative Proteomics

Solved Problem

  • Realize the complementation and integration of venom mRNA and protein, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the stress mechanism of toxic species organisms in a specific state.
  • By analyzing the changes in the transcription level and translation level of the same gene, mining the key gene expression regulation mechanism of venom/toxic species, and comprehensively explain the biological gene expression regulation mechanism.
  • For species with incomplete protein databases, using venom transcriptome data to view the constructed protein library can improve the number and quality of venom protein identification.

Project Report

In the result report, Creative Proteomics will provide you with a detailed technical report, including:

  1. Experimental procedure.
  2. Related experimental parameters.
  3. Mass spectrum picture.
  4. The raw data of sequencing.
  5. Analysis software and parameters used.
  6. Graph of results of joint analysis of transcriptomics and proteomics data.
  7. Chart information interpretation.

How to Order?

Creative Proteomics Services pipeline. -Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics is an expert in venomics research. We can provide you with customized research solutions and one-stop research services. We have powerful database and bioinformatics analysis experts, and can provide you with various types of analysis services according to your needs. For high-throughput sequencing and integrated analysis of venom transcriptomics and proteomics bioinformatics data analysis, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Look forward to working with you!


  • Durban J, et al. Integrated Venomics and Venom Gland Transcriptome Analysis of Juvenile and Adult Mexican Rattlesnakes Crotalus simus, C. tzabcan, and C. culminatus Revealed miRNA-modulated Ontogenetic Shifts[J]. Journal of Proteome Research, 2017.
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