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Venom Peptide/Protein Characterization

The analysis of physiological and pathological mechanisms in modern science and the successful development and sales of new clinical therapeutic drugs benefit from venom peptide/protein. With the deepening of venomomics research, the scale of data output has become larger and larger, the requirements of scientific researchers for the interpretation of sample biological functions have become higher and higher, and the connections between various omics data have become more and more complex. Through the characterization and analysis of venom peptides/proteins, predicting the possible structure and function of active peptides/proteins in venom will help us have a deeper understanding of the components of venom.

Understanding the basic biochemical characteristics of the research target venom will provide valuable reference data for in-depth research. Creative Proteomics provides a series of basic characterization methods to help you understand the characteristics of venom peptides/proteins.

Venom Peptide/Protein Characterization Services

Relying on the advanced equipment platform and professional venomomics team, we will provide valuable reference data for in-depth research in order to understand the basic biochemical properties of the target venom peptide/protein. The services that Creative Proteomics can provide include but not limited to:

  • Standardize a simple purification method to obtain high-purity peptides or proteins from venom, which is conducive to the study of the biochemical characteristics and functions of these molecules.
  • Corresponding physical and chemical properties analysis for the research of venom peptides/proteins can help the biological analysis of venom peptide/protein.
  • Complete a series of functional activities detection analysis to help you obtain high-quality results for follow-up research.

Application Areas

  • Generally speaking, the closer the phylogenetic relationship, the more similar the characteristics and composition of the venom. We can define poisonous animal species by studying the venom peptide/protein composition and activities of snakes, jellyfish, scorpions, cone snails, ants, parasitic wasps, spiders and toads.
  • Through a series of basic physical, chemical, and biological methods, compare the venom peptide/protein composition and the main toxicity differences to help you understand the characteristics of the venom.
  • Applied to the analysis of the physiological and pathological mechanism of venom and the successful development of new clinical treatment drugs.

Why Choose Us

In nature, as one of the basic means of survival and competition, the venom system is an important and complex feature of many animals. The preliminary study of animal venom peptides/proteins provided by Creative Proteomics provides a good foundation for the study and understanding of its origin and loss in the course of evolution, biological relevance, and co-evolution with other species.

  • Experienced Research Team
  • Professional Research Platform
  • High-quality Services
  • Safe and Reliable

Creative Proteomics is an expert in venomomics research with favorable and efficient experimental technical services, we can provide you with customized research solutions and one-stop research services. We have a strong detection technology and analysis platform, and can provide you with various analysis services according to your needs. If you want to know more services, please contact us for more information.

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