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Cone Snail Venom Solutions

Cone snail venom is considered to be a treasure house of biologically active peptides, and certain venom peptides have characteristics in structure and function. Creative Proteomics provides cone snail venom solutions to overcome traditional low-throughput methods and introduces a multi-omics system method to accelerate the discovery and characterization of cone snail venom peptides.

Cone Snail Venom Introduction

The cone snail is a mollusk from the ocean that moves slowly and hunts by using venom. Cone snail venom is very complex, dietary changes or defensive stimulation will trigger the venom diversity changes, each species will produce a unique venom. Among the toxin molecules, the cone snail venom peptide has high selectivity and affinity, and is expected to be a candidate drug with better efficacy and lower side effects. Therefore, the cone snail venom is an ideal source for mining potential drug candidates.

Venomomics Analysis of Cone Snail

The study of cone snail venom is challenging, because dozens to hundreds of cone snails can obtain the venom required to characterize a single target molecule. Therefore, in order to achieve high-efficiency research on venom, our services do not require a large amount of venom to support research. We implement resource-saving, high-throughput venomomics methods to better support customers in continuously mining the bioactive molecules of cone snail venom.

Cone Snail Venom Solutions

  • Transcriptome analysis of cone-shaped snail venom ducts mainly reveals the transcripts of expressed proteins and peptides, and provides a template for the translation process of active venom peptide synthesis.
  • Proteomics comprehensively analyzes the venom peptides in cone snails, including rapid identification of specific peptides of interest and systematic big data analysis for comprehensive research.
  • Integrated omics analysis mainly integrates transcriptomics data into proteomics data for rapid identification and quantification of venom peptides, and explains the complex protein composition in cone snail venom.

Technology Based on MS

We carry out the proteomics research of cone snail venom based on the combination of LC and MS or MS/MS. Creative Proteomics provides customers with an ideal choice for proteomics comprehensive analysis technology, including various fast analysis technologies with high selectivity, high sensitivity, high separation efficiency and resolution.

  • uHPLC
  • Nano-LC
  • MS/MS
  • CEC
  • TOF/MS
  • Q-TOF/MS

Applications of Cone Snail Venom Solutions

At present, many peptide toxin molecules of cone snail venom that have been studied have been used in the development of therapeutic drugs for various diseases or as drug lead compounds. We also hope to help customers discover the active molecules in cone snail venom through our research programs and analytical techniques, leading to the production of new drugs that can be used to treat pain, cancer and other diseases, or to study other animal venoms, or apply in related field.


  • Resource-saving
  • Large-scale characterization
  • Versatile analysis method
  • Comprehensive analysis

We provide research solutions for cone snail venom, based on generally applicable methods and strategies to address a wide range of cone snail species. With rich venom research experience and efficient and sensitive analysis technology, Creative Proteomics is confident to provide you with first-class services to meet your exact research needs. Contact us or send us an inquiry for more detailed information or official quotation.


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