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Targeted Venom Metabolomics Studies

Creative Proteomics as one of the venom research service providers, uses advanced mass spectrometers to establish a platform for venom targeted metabolomics studies. We use different sample processing schemes according to your venom research purpose. Creative Proteomics will be responsible for all subsequent matters of the project, including sample preparation, mass spectrometry, and mass spectrometry bioinformatics analysis. The venom non-targeted metabolomics studies services we provide is suitable for different types of poisonous species or venom research. Such as fire-bellied toads, snakes, scorpions, frogs, venomous lizard, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc. Creative Proteomics provides a one-stop service for venom targeted metabolomics studies. You only need to tell us the purpose of your experiment and send the relevant venom or poisonous experiment samples.

Introduction to Targeted Metabolomics Studies

Venom targeted metabolomics sequencing.

Targeted metabolomics is an important part of metabolomics research, and it is also an extension and expansion of total metabolomics research. Compared with total metabolome analysis of venom, targeted metabolome analysis of venom has several characteristics such as strong specificity, high detection sensitivity and accurate quantification. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of poisonous species, venom glands, venom or other body fluids and a specific metabolite in tissues, combined with other experimental data or omics data analysis, can reveal the molecular biological mechanism of venom. In addition, it can also provide effective guidance for the follow-up clinical poisoning treatment, anti-toxin serum, and drug development and utilization.

Technical Route

Creative Proteomics targeted metabolomics sequencing is based on LC-MS/GC-MS technology, using target compound standards for method optimization, method validation, biological sample collection, metabolite extraction, mass spectrometry detection, data analysis, etc. Creative Proteomics strictly controls every experimental step, realizes standardized operation, and fundamentally ensures the output of high-quality data.

Creative Proteomics venom targeted metabolomics studies pipeline. - Creative Proteomics.Fig 1. Creative Proteomics targeted metabolomics studies pipeline.

The key factors for successful venom targeted metabolomics analysis are accuracy, high throughput and reliability. Targeted metabolomics identification generally uses selective ion monitoring (SIM) of a GC/MS system, or multiple reactive ion monitoring (MRM) on a triple quadrupole LC/MS system for targeted MS/MS. SIM has a higher sensitivity than full-scan spectrum acquisition. In a single quadrupole mass spectrometer, the reason for this enhanced sensitivity is that the acquisition time of selected ions is prolonged. Because the monitoring is a small quality window, the quality chromatogram only represents the detection of a very specific quality. In most cases, the sensitivity can be increased by 10 times. MRM is the method of choice for mass spectrometry quantification, which is more sensitive and specific than SIM. It can generate unique fragment ions, and can monitor and quantify target compounds in very complex matrices.

Creative Proteomics Target Metabolism Compound Test List

Organic CompoundsAcyl CoAsAmino acids and their derivativesAnimal Hormones
AldehydesBioamineBile Acids
CarnitinesCarotenoidsFatty Acids
NucleotidesOxysterolsOrganic Acids
Plant HormoneResveratrolTryptophan Metabolites
ThiolsVitamins & Coenzymes
Inorganic CompoundsMetal/MetallomicsPolyphenols

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Creative Proteomics service process. - Creative Proteomics.

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