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Venom N-Glycan Analysis

Creative Proteomics has many years of experience in analysis services in the field of glycomics. In N-Glycan analysis services, it provides N-Glycan analysis services based on MALDI-TOF MS technology and HILIC-UHPLC MS technology. According to your venom research purpose, different N-Glycan analysis techniques are used to meet your research needs. The venom N-Glycan analysis we provide is suitable for different types of poisonous species or venom research. Such as fire-bellied toads, snakes, scorpions, frogs, venomous lizard, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc.

Introduction to Venom N-Glycan Analysis

Glycosylation mainly refers to the enzymatic process of attaching glycans to proteins, lipids or other organic molecules, and is the most common protein post-translational modification (PTM). Due to the complexity and isobaric nature of the linked glycans, glycosylation analysis is very challenging. With the increasing application of venom protein in clinical practice, such as anti-venom research, glycoprotein, poisoning treatment. The detection of venom protein N-Glycan has attracted more and more attention. N-Glycan is an oligosaccharide structure containing Man3-GlcNAc2, which is connected to the polypeptide chain of the protein through glycosidic bonds (between the terminal N-acetylglucosamine and the NH2 group of asparagine). Creative Proteomics provides MS-based high-throughput analysis of venom N-glycans services, mainly including the following two aspects:

Technical Route

Most sample preparation steps for venom N-Glycan analysis include glycoprotein digestion, deglycosylation, purification, labeling/derivatization, and SPE. Creative Proteomics strictly controls every experimental step, realizes standardized operation, and fundamentally ensures the output of high-quality data.

Creative Proteomics general pipeline of N-glycan analysis. - Creative Proteomics.Fig 1. Creative Proteomics general pipeline of N-glycan analysis.

In N-Glycan analysis services, Creative Proteomics provides N-Glycan analysis services based on MALDI-TOF MS technology and HILIC-UHPLC MS technology. MALDI TOF MS and/or UHPLC technology can be used to analyze glycans and their types.

  • Analysis of N-glycans based on MALDI-TOF MS technology

MALDI-TOF has high sensitivity for the structural characterization of glycosylated compounds, and can achieve high-throughput detection. When analyzing the mixture of N sugars, MALDI analyzes the sample through the formation of singly charged ions instead of electrospray ionization. Using N-glycosidase A or F enzymatic reaction, after releasing the N sugar of the sample, the sample is methylated for detection.

  • Analysis of N-Glycan profiling based on HILIC-UHPLC MS technology

The analysis of N sugars based on LC-MS is now the mainstream analysis method, and hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC) can be used for the analysis of N-Glycan. The N-Glycan released by the enzymatic reaction of PNGase F are derivatized with 2-aminobenzamide (2-AB), and the derivatized sugar chains are measured, which can be used for the analysis of a large number of samples of N-Glycan. Before fluorescent labeling, if there are a lot of detergents, non-volatile salts, or substances with free amino groups that may interfere with the derivatization reaction, the N-sugar can be purified by a TSK Amide-80 column. The labeled N-Glycan was analyzed by HILIC-UHPLC MS.

How to Order?

Creative Proteomics service process. - Creative Proteomics.

Creative Proteomics provides a one-stop service for venom N-Glycan analysis, you only need to place an order and send a venom sample, Creative Proteomics one-stop service is completed: sample processing-computer analysis-data analysis-project report. Thank you for your attention to our venom N-Glycan analysis service! If you have any questions, please fill in the inquiry form and contact us immediately.

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