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Integrated Analysis of Proteomics and Metabolomics


Integrated analysis of proteomics and metabolomics.

The proteome is all the proteins expressed by a cell or even an organism. The metabolome is a collection of all the metabolites of a cell and even an organism. The metabolic process and the production of metabolites are the final result of a series of regulatory events, and the functional changes caused by the proteome will be manifested at the metabolic level.

The integrated analysis venom of proteomics and lipidomics refers to the normalization of high-throughput sequencing data from venom proteomics and metabolomics. Perform statistical analysis such as comparative analysis and correlation analysis, and finally establish the data relationship between venom protein and metabolite molecules. Proteomics and metabolomics integrated analysis of biological samples (such as toxic species/venom) can mutually verify and complement each other, so as to analyze the venom molecular function and regulation mechanism more systematically and comprehensively. Provide new research perspectives for venom diversity, evolutionary biology, new drug synthesis, and poisoning treatment.

What Creative Proteomics Offers

Creative Proteomics uses an advanced mass spectrometry platform to provide customers with venom proteomics qualitative and quantitative services, as well as a variety of sample targeted and non-targeted venom metabolomics analysis services. In addition, combined with customizable bioinformatics analysis services, we provide you with one-stop venom proteomics and metabolomics integrated analysis services from experimental design, sample detection, to data analysis, which can meet the needs of different venom research.

Method Flow

Proteomics and metabolomics integrated analysis pipeline - Creative ProteomicsFig 1. Proteomics and metabolomics integrated analysis pipeline - Creative Proteomics

Integrate Analysis Content

Proteomics and metabolomics integrated analysis content:

  1. Multivariate statistical integration analysis of venom proteome and metabolome: Including O2PLS correlation analysis and OPLS related variables screening.
  2. Proteome and metabolome KEGG metabolic pathway integrated analysis: Including visual analysis and metabolic pathway enrichment analysis.
  3. Proteome and metabolome correlation analysis: Including correlation coefficient matrix heat map, correlation analysis hierarchical clustering heat map, correlation coefficient regulation network analysis.
  4. Principal component analysis of venom proteome and metabolome (limited to ≥3 groups).

Technical Advantages

Compared with single-omics analysis, venom proteomics and metabolomics integrated analysis have the following advantages:

  • Through the analysis of the expression level at the protein level and the metabolic level, the full spectrum analysis of venom proteins and metabolites is realized.
  • Through the metabolic pathways in which proteins and metabolites participate together, the differential metabolites and differential proteins are associated and mutually verified to quickly identify metabolic-related functional venom metabolites or related proteins.
  • Through principal component analysis, observe the clustering degree of samples within a group and the overall distribution trend of samples between groups; and compare the changes in the distribution trend of different omics.
  • Through correlation analysis, the differences and correlations in the expression patterns of significantly different proteins and different metabolites can be intuitively reflected.
  • Through multivariate statistical model analysis, two-way modeling and prediction of venom proteomics and metabolomics data are carried out, objectively describing whether there is an association trend between the two data groups, and avoiding false positive associations from the source as much as possible.

Project Report

In the result report, Creative Proteomics will provide you with a detailed technical report, including:

  1. Experimental procedure (different mass detection methods).
  2. Related experimental parameters.
  3. The raw sequencing data, including venom proteomics data and metabolomics data.
  4. Software and parameter settings used in the analysis process.
  5. Data analysis result pictures and tables.

How to Order?

 Creative Proteomics Services pipeline. -Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics provides customers with professional integrated analysis of venom proteomics and metabolomics data analysis services, aiming to help you understand the venom or poisonous species from the protein and metabolites level. In addition, we also provide other different types of venom multi-omics joint analysis services to meet your research needs. If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us. Look forward to working with you!

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