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Venom Peptidomics and Proteomics Services

Venom proteins and peptides are now commonly studied as the source of ingredients for drugs or biological pesticides, especially the venom from bees, spiders and cone snails. In the past ten years, with the development of mass spectrometry, transcription and bioinformatics, and the application of these tools in venom research, the peptide and proteome of several toxic species has gradually become clear. But due to the particularity and complexity of venom, further exploration of peptidomics and proteomics components will help to discover new peptides or proteins and reveal the biological significance of venom peptides and proteomics.

Our Venom Peptidomics and Proteomics Services

The use of high-throughput sequencing technology and bioinformatics analysis methods to analyze the venom components is currently a hot spot in venomomics research. With the development of mass spectrometry technology, the accuracy of proteomics analysis instruments continues to improve, and more data can be obtained from it. Creative Proteomics aims to help customers explore biologically significant venom peptides and proteins through in-depth research on proteomics and peptidomics components, and screen potential therapeutic drugs with biological activity. Our services include but are not limited to the following: 

Research Process

The one-stop service of Creative Proteomics completes: sample preparation, peptide/protein enrichment, mass spectrometry analysis, bioinformatics data analysis, and completion of reports. The venom peptidomics and proteomics data analysis services we provide are suitable for the research of different types of venoms, such as snakes, scorpions, spiders, frogs, poisonous lizards, snails, bees, ants, etc.

Research Process of Venom Peptidomics and Proteomics Services

Technical Characteristics

  • Comprehensive qualitative and quantitative characterization. Our peptidomics and proteomics analysis with sufficient qualitative and quantitative information can provide a powerful basis for studying the biochemical properties, the evolutionary process, and the prediction and diagnosis of related diseases of venom.
  • High purity of extracted peptides/protein. We use a variety of strategies for the extraction of venom peptides and proteomes to reduce the interference of sugars, lipids or salts in mass spectrometry analysis.
  • Use bioinformatics to perform further functional characterization of peptides/proteins for data mining. Bioinformatics analysis services can be used as a powerful tool to reveal the potential biological significance of venom peptides and proteins.

Venom Peptidomics/Proteomics Applications

  • A powerful tool for identifying compounds with pharmacological potential can further study the application of venom and its protein components.
  • Use peptidomics and proteomics to evaluate the accuracy of transcriptome-based venomomics and minimize inaccuracies.
  • Using genomics/transcriptomics analysis combined with venom peptidomics/proteomics analysis can obtain a comprehensive data set of expression and putative toxins.

Creative Proteomics can provide you with one-stop venom peptidomics and proteomics research services to help you conduct more comprehensive and in-depth venomomics research. In addition, we can also provide venom peptide synthesis services according to your needs, contact us for more information.

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