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Venom Protein Separation and Purification

Protein purification is a complex process, including multiple steps such as coarse separation, preliminary purification and fine purification. Experimental methods include extraction, precipitation, centrifugation, chromatography and other methods.

We have experienced protein purification technicians who can design various protein purification experimental programs such as affinity purification, ion exchange, and molecular sieves according to the properties of the protein. Help you to obtain the preliminary purified protein, and then obtain high-purity pure protein by HPLC, which can meet the requirements of various subsequent experiments.

Principles of Separation and Purification

  • The different physical properties of the protein should be used as much as possible to select the separation and purification technology used instead of using the same technology for multiple purifications.
  • Different proteins have very different properties. Each purification step should make full use of the difference in physical properties of the target protein and impurities.
  • In the early stage of purification, the processing volume should be reduced as much as possible to facilitate subsequent purification.
  • In the later stage of purification, the reuse of high-cost purification methods is conducive to the repeated use of purified materials and reduces the complexity of regeneration.
Venom Protein Separation and Purification

Protein Separation Based on SDS-PAGE

SDS-PAGE is often used in scientific research work such as protein expression analysis. It can be used to obtain the electrophoresis pattern of protein samples, analyze or purify the samples in combination with other protein identification services based on mass spectrometry, and use in the protein spectrum analysis of complex biological samples. Creative Proteomics can provide protein separation services based on 1D SDS-PAGE or 2D SDS-PAGE according to your needs.

Three-step Purification Strategy

With the progress of sample background information, analysis methods, and sample preparation and extraction steps, a three-step purification strategy can be used to purify samples. This strategy is used to help develop the purification process of therapeutic proteins in the pharmaceutical industry, and it is equally effective in helping research laboratories develop purification schemes.

Venom Protein Separation and PurificationCreative Proteomics - Sample preparation and three-step purification strategy

Creative Proteomics can provide you with the separation and purification service of known or unknown proteins in venom. Reasonable selection and combination of purification technologies are important.

Protein properties Technology
Charge Ion exchange (IEX)
Size Gel filtration (GF)

Hydrophobic interaction (HIC)

Reverse Action (RPC)

Biometrics (specific ligand) Affinity (AC)
Charge, specific ligand or hydrophobicity

Expanded bed adsorption (EBA)

According to ion exchange

Affinity or hydrophobicity

If you don’t know anything about the target protein, use ion exchange—hydrophobic chromatography—gel filtration chromatography. This combination of technologies is considered a standard purification step.

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