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Venom Genome Sequencing

Creative Proteomics has been providing researchers with accurate and affordable whole-genome sequencing services for many years. We combine the Illumina (short reading) and PacBio (long reading) platforms to provide different poisonous species (such as snakes, scorpions, frogs, venomous lizards, fire-bellied toads, snails, spiders, bees, ants, cone snails, jellyfish, etc.) with whole genome re-sequencing or de novo assembly sequencing services.


Whole genome sequencing.

For poisonous species with existing reference genomes, the whole genome resequencing provided by Creative Proteomics is to perform DNA sequencing of species with known genome sequences, and on this basis, complete individual or group analysis of poisonous species or their venom. Whole genome resequencing can detect a large amount of variation information through sequence alignment, including single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), insertion deletion (InDel), structural variation (SV) and copy number variation (CNV), etc. Based on the detected variation, it can further study the species characteristics of animals and plants, population evolution issues, and locate target trait gene loci.

For poisonous species without a reference genome, the de novo sequencing we provide means that a certain poisonous species or venom can be sequenced without any reference sequence information, and the bioinformatics analysis method is used to splice and assemble to obtain the species's genomic sequence map.

Advantages of Genome Sequencing

  1. For poisonous species without a reference genome, draw a draft genome and obtain the reference sequence of the species to provide a data basis for subsequent studies of the species.
  2. Identify venom-related genes, and lay a foundation for exploring the origin and evolution of venom genes.
  3. Mining the variation information of venom-related functional genes, further studying the characteristics of poisonous species, population evolution issues, and locating target trait gene loci.
  4. Build a species database.
  5. Detect high-frequency, low-frequency, and even rare point mutations and structural variation information related to venom at the whole genome level.
  6. For individual samples, comprehensive genomic mutation profile information can be obtained.

Whole Genome Sequencing Workflow

The whole genome high-throughput sequencing service provided by Creative Proteomics, from DNA extraction, library construction and sequencing, to data analysis, has undergone scientific and meticulous design and strict quality control at every step to ensure high-quality research results. The general workflow for venom whole genome sequencing is outlined below.

Whole genome sequencing workflow - Creative ProteomicsFig 1. Whole genome sequencing workflow - Creative Proteomics

Service Specifications

Sample requirements and preparation

  •         The sample type can be cells, tissues, total DNA, etc.
  •         Suggested starting amount of total DNA: 2 μg, minimum 0.5 μg, concentration ≥30 ng/μL (Qubit quantitative), OD260/280=1.8~2.0.
  •         All DNA samples are validated for purity and quantity.
  •         Sequencing Platform
  •         According to customer needs, choose Illumina HiSeq platform, PacBio SMRT, or Oxford Nanopore for next-generation or third-generation sequencing.
  •         According to the needs of customers' data volume, the sequencing depth of coverage can be more than 100x.
  •         High-quality reads: More than 80% of bases with a ≥Q30 quality score.

Creative Proteomics, as a rare professional venomics research service provider in the world, relies on its years of genome sequencing experience to provide customers with one-stop venom whole genome sequencing services. In addition to providing high-quality venom whole-genome sequencing services, it also provides researchers with comprehensive and personalized genomic bioinformatics data analysis services. From venom sample preparation, to high-throughput sequencing, to personalized bioinformatics services, we provide researchers with one-stop venom genomics research solutions, aiming to help researcher to analyze the venom synthesis mechanism, venom evolution, genetic variation, regulation and other issues from the genome level. If you have any questions about our venom whole genome sequencing service, please feel free to contact our technical support, the technical support will reply to you as soon as possible. Look forward to working with you!

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