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About Creative Proteomics

Advancing Plant Metabolomics Analysis

Welcome to Creative Proteomics, a leading provider of cutting-edge plant metabolomics analysis services. Our company is dedicated to advancing scientific research and discovery in the field of plant metabolism. With a clear vision and a diverse range of services, we empower researchers worldwide to unlock the hidden secrets of plant metabolomics.


At Creative Proteomics, our vision is to make plant metabolomics an indispensable tool in agriculture, medicine, and environmental sciences. By leveraging advanced analytical techniques, we aim to illuminate the intricate metabolic pathways within plants, enabling breakthroughs in crop improvement, drug development, and ecosystem understanding.


Our mission is to deliver high-quality plant metabolomics analysis services that drive innovation and contribute to sustainable agriculture and environmental preservation. Equipped with experienced scientists and state-of-the-art technology, we are committed to assisting researchers in unraveling the complex metabolic networks of various plant species.

Company Services and Strengths

• Targeted and Untargeted Metabolite Profiling

We employ advanced techniques to identify and quantify both known and unknown metabolites, providing a comprehensive view of the plant's metabolic composition.

• Metabolic Pathway Analysis

Through sophisticated data analysis and interpretation, we offer insights into the interconnected metabolic pathways, helping researchers understand the functional significance of various metabolites.

• Metabolite Identification

Our experts utilize mass spectrometry techniques to identify and characterize plant metabolites accurately.

• Isotope Labeling Studies

Creative Proteomics conducts stable isotope labeling experiments to track metabolic fluxes, revealing crucial information about the movement of molecules within plants.

Our Service

Unlock the Secrets of Plant Metabolomics with Our Diverse Research Services

Plant Metabolomics Service

Targeted Metabolomics: Accurate measurements for studying metabolite dynamics in different plant tissues and conditions.
Untargeted Metabolomics: Comprehensive exploration, uncovering novel and critical metabolites.

Analyzed Species

From model organisms to economically vital crops and rare plants, our expertise spans diverse ecological niches. Unravel the intricate metabolic adaptations evolved in response to various environments, providing valuable insights for scientific breakthroughs.

Research Areas

Plant Physiology: Explore plant processes, growth, and development through metabolome analysis.
Plant-Environment Interactions: Study plant responses to temperature, light, water, and pollutants with metabolomics.
Crop Improvement: Identify valuable metabolites for breeding superior crop varieties.
Medicinal Plants: Uncover bioactive compounds for drug discovery and natural product research.
Plant Pathology: Study metabolic responses to pathogens, aiding disease-resistant crop development.

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Technology Platform

Cutting-Edge Technology for Superior Results

Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS)

We utilize Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC and Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Plus systems for high-throughput and sensitive analysis, separating and detecting a wide range of metabolites.

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

Our Agilent 7890B GC and Agilent 5977A MSD equipment analyze volatile and thermally stable metabolites, ideal for specific plant compounds.

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

We employ Agilent 1260 Infinity II LC and Shimadzu Nexera XR systems to separate and purify plant metabolites before MS analysis, ensuring clean samples.


Our data is processed using advanced tools like MetaboAnalyst, XCMS, and mzMine, enabling metabolite identification, data integration, and pathway analysis.