Reveal the Secrets of Plants, Explore Plant Metabolomics

Embark on a captivating journey through the intricate world of plant metabolomics with our cutting-edge service. From untargeted exploration to targeted analysis, we decode the mysteries of plant metabolism, revealing the diverse compounds and pathways that shape plant life.

By Substance Type

Discover plant metabolites with targeted analyses by substance type. Explore amino acids, carbohydrates, organic acids, flavonoids, and more.

By Plant Species

Unlock unique plant metabolomic profiles. Explore Arabidopsis thaliana to wheat, soybean to grape. Understand species-specific responses.

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Advance plant biology insights. Investigate growth, stress responses, environment interactions, medicinal compounds, and more. Embrace sustainable solutions.


Plant Metabolomics Solutions - Unveiling the Molecular Landscape of Plants

Discover the power of plant metabolomics! Our advanced approach precisely uncovers specific plant pathways, compounds, and processes, providing valuable insights into plant metabolism. Join us on this scientific journey towards agricultural innovations and sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Plant Metabolomics Solutions

Customized Services

At Creative Proteomics, we offer tailored Plant Metabolomics services to meet your unique research needs. Our expert team designs and optimizes analysis plans based on your research objectives and sample characteristics, ensuring the delivery of high-quality, reliable data, and in-depth interpretations.

Plant Targeted Metabolomics

Plant Targeted Metabolomics

By focusing on specific metabolic pathways and compounds, we provide precise insights into plant metabolism. Uncover key pathways, identify crucial compounds, and understand plant responses to environmental changes. With this in-depth understanding, you can make informed research decisions and drive groundbreaking discoveries in plant science.

Plant Untargeted Metabolomics

Plant Untargeted Metabolomics

Explore the diverse and uncharted plant metabolome without predefined targets. Discover novel compounds, interactions, and hidden pathways that traditional methods might miss. This holistic approach opens doors to sustainable solutions, identifies potential bioactive compounds, and sparks exciting new directions in agriculture, medicine, and beyond.


Hot Substance Analysis

01 Arabidopsis Thaliana Metabolomics

Arabidopsis Thaliana Metabolomics

Uncover plant secrets, aid genetic research. Unlock pathways for growth & development.

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02 Zea Mays Metabolomics

Zea Mays Metabolomics

Enhance crops, ensure resilience. Identify key metabolites for stress tolerance & yield improvement.

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03 Oryza Sativa Metabolomics

Oryza Sativa Metabolomics

Improve rice quality, ensure food security. Explore essential metabolites for better varieties.

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04 Glycine Max Metabolomics

Glycine Max Metabolomics

Enhance soybean properties, support sustainability. Discover compounds with diverse applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of samples can plant metabolomics detect?

Plant metabolomics can analyze various sample types, including plant tissues (leaves, roots, fruits), seeds, cell cultures, and biofluids (sap, latex). It provides valuable insights into the metabolic state of different plant materials. Additionally, it can be applied to samples such as bark, stems or wood, resins or gums, resin acids, buds or young leaves, flowers, tissue sections, pollen, seedlings or young plants, rhizosphere soil, and root exudates.

Our metabolomics detection capabilities?

Our plant metabolomics service offers a comprehensive database with 6000+ compounds established in-house. Leveraging LC-MS/MS technology, all detected metabolites undergo primary and secondary matching with our extensive standard compound library. This library includes amino acids and derivatives, various metabolites from the sugar metabolism pathway, alkaloids, phenolics, flavonoids, terpenoids, plant hormones, and more. This ensures accurate identification and reliable quantification of diverse metabolites in your samples. Trust our advanced platform for in-depth insights into the metabolic landscape of your plant samples.

Metabolomics experiment design recommendations

Due to the large differences in individual metabolic profiles, we do not recommend mixing samples. It is generally recommended to plant 6-8 parallel samples.

What are the main contents of metabolomics data analysis?

Metabolomics data analysis includes data preprocessing, normalization, multivariate statistical analysis (PCA, PLS-DA), identification of significant metabolites (VIP, p-value), pathway analysis, and visualization of metabolic networks.

Creative Proteomics Metabolomics Service Processes

Sample Preparation

Sample Preparation

Clients submit plant samples for appropriate processing and pre-treatment, ensuring quality and stability.

Sample Extraction

Sample Extraction

Optimized extraction methods transform samples into suitable forms for metabolomics analysis.

LC-MS/MS Analysis

LC-MS/MS Analysis

Employ liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry for metabolite detection and identification, utilizing a 6000+ metabolite database.

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Data Analysis & Interpretation

Perform statistical and biological analyses, identify significant metabolites, and conduct pathway enrichment analysis.