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Targeted Proteomics Services

Many studies, such as pathology and drug research, pay more attention to the functions of certain target proteins. Relying on SRM/MRM, PRM and 4D Proteomics technologies, our Targeted Proteomics strategy provides more specific and sensitive multiplexed quantification of target protein/peptides analysis services in complex biological samples. Targeted quantitative proteomic research is increasingly used in diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications to quantify proteins/peptides and metabolites in complex samples. In addition, targeted proteomics are often behind discovery proteomics to quantify specific proteins/peptides found during discovery screening.

About Our Targeted Proteomics Services

Our Targeted Proteomics Services include SRM/MRM and PRM techniques, typically designed to quantify up to 150 proteins with high precision and throughput in a dynamic range of 6 orders of magnitude.

b) PRM


The mass spectrometry of TPro™ is carried out in three stages: isolation of targeted peptides, collision and fragmentation of precursor peptides, and detection of fragmented ions using MS/MS spectrometry. The difference is that MRM is primarily performed on a triple-quadrupole (QQQ) mass spectrometry while PRM is primarily performed on hybrid quadrupole-linear ion trap (QTap) mass spectrometry. Finally, the acquired data is analyzed with the database built by OpenSWATH and Skyline software.


Analytical Platform

AB SCIEX TripleTOF 5600, AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500, Q Exactive, Orbitrap Fusion

Bioinformatics Analysis

Problems to be SolvedBioinformatics Analysis
Quality Assessment of ProteinMRM/PRM Data Analysis
Protein Comparison of Different SamplesMultivariate PCA Analysis
Protein Statistical AnalysisVenn Diagram
Volcano Plot
Functional AnnotationKEGG Annotation
GO Annotation
COG Annotation
Clustering AnalysisHierarchical Clustering
K-Means Clustering
Network AnalysisSTRING Analysis

Tailor-made Solutions Meet Your Needs

  1. Relative quantitation: This is a basic solution of TPro™ platform, including sample preparation, sample detection and target protein analysis. This solution features high-throughput quantification of up to 150 targeted proteins, and is suitable for relative quantification of targeted proteins in hundreds or thousands of samples.
  2. Absolute quantification: It can analyze and develop stable isotope peptides, and also allows high-throughput absolute quantification of up to 150 selected proteins. It’s ideal for those studying the absolute quantification of targeted proteins from thousands of samples.
  3. Plasma sample measurement: By way of sample preparation, LC-MS measurement and data analysis with stable isotope peptides, we provide absolute quantification solutions of 100 plasma proteins. It’s the best choice for researchers who specialize in the absolute quantification of plasma proteins from thousands of samples.
  4. Deep plasma sample measurement: This solution can quantify up to 100 proteins from depleted plasma, which is ideal for researchers focusing on the absolute quantification of the low-abundant plasma proteins from hundreds or thousands of samples.

Sample Requirements

Based on our special protein extraction technology, we can quickly extract proteins from various samples and design unique experiments according to different research purposes. Specific requirements are as follows:

Sample TypeProteinCellAnimal TissuePlant TissueBloodUrineSerumMicrobes
Quantify100 ug1×107 cells1 g200 mg1 mL2 mL0.2-0.5 mLDry weighed: 200 mg


Key Features


1) Absolute quantitation of multiple proteins/peptides proteins/peptides
2) Biomarker discovery and validation
3) Protein post-translational modification research
4) Target proteins were verification follows quantitative proteomics (such as label-free, iTRAQ)
5) Research of highly homologous protein family members
6) Microorganisms proteomic research
7) Crop proteomics research


* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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