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4D Label-Free Proteomics Services

Our 4D Label-Free Proteomics Services

Using timsTOF Pro, we have launched 4D label-free proteomics services to help research in microsample proteomics and larger cohorts of clinical samples. All these services are accompanied by a high-quality full after-sales service.


Advantages of 4D Label-Free Proteomics:

4D has greatly improved the identification accuracy, identification depth, quantification accuracy, and detection cycle, and the sample size requirements have been greatly reduced. The specific performance parameters are as follows:

1. More accurate identification

With 4 dimensional separation, the accuracy of protein identification is higher. In particular, the protein composition of biological samples is complex, and there are a large number of co-eluted peptides with small mass (m/z) differences within a small retention time. Ion mobility is used to distinguish peptides with small differences in mass (different ion mobility) to achieve more accurate identification.

2. More proteins identified

Under the same test conditions, 4D label-free has more than 50% higher detection capacity than traditional label-free technology. For example, 5200 hela proteins were identified using 4D label-free proteome in 90 min, and identified proteins increased by 62.5%. In another study, more than 500 blood proteins were identified by 4D label-free proteome in 11.5 min, and identified proteins increased by 50%.

3. More stable quantification

Continuous injection of 96 needles (R2>0.95, CV<5%), the quantitative range exceeds 3 orders of magnitude.

4. Shorter project cycle

Unique acquisition method to achieve ultra-high scanning speed and significantly shorten the experimental cycle time.

5. Lower sample requirement

The sample load is only 200ng, which can achieve deep coverage.




Data Analysis

Standard data analysis content
Total protein identification analysisProtein identification and quantification, differential outcome statistics, volcano map, cluster heatmap
Differential protein function analysisSubcellular localization, structural domain analysis, GO function analysis, KEGG pathway analysis, PPT interaction network analysis
QCPeptide ion mass deviation distribution, peptide ion score distribution, protein abundance ratio distribution
Advanced data analysis content
WGCNA co-expression analysisObtain core proteins strongly associated with phenotype
Cluster trend analysisExplore protein expression trend

Sample Requirements:

  1. Co-IP Samples: Protein requirement is around 2-5ug, do not include decontaminants (e.g. SDS) and high oxygen concentration in the sent protein samples; or you can send the beads containing protein samples to us directly and we will take care of the subsequent experiments.
  2. Tissue Samples: Please send us the tissue samples on dry ice.
  3. Tissue SamplesProtein# of CellsAnimal TissuePlant TissueBloodUrineSerumMicrobes
    Quantify100 ug1×107 cells>200 mg1 g1 mL2 mL0.2-0.5 mLDry weighed: 200 mg
  4. Protein Samples: Please make sure the total amount of protein is above 50ug; ordinary tissue and cell lysate can be used for protein extraction.
  5. Transportation: Please use sufficient amount of dry ice for transportation and try to use a fast postal delivery method to reduce the possibility of sample degradation during transportation.


In addition, we also provide 4D DIA Proteomics and 4D PTMs Proteomics services. Please contact us for more details.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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