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4D Proteomics and Dual-Platform Full-Spectrum Metabolomics

Proteins are the executors of life activities and can directly reflect the protein information of the organism's last function in the face of environmental changes. The metabolome is the biological dynamic regulation system in the stage closest to the phenotype, which is the essential feature and material basis of life. Therefore, when changes in metabolite content are found, it is important to find whether the expression of enzymes upstream of the metabolic pathway Therefore, when changes in metabolite content are found, it is easier to find out whether the expression of the upstream enzymes of the metabolic pathway changes accordingly. On the other hand, it is also easier to find out the reasons for the changes in metabolites and explain the molecular mechanisms of growth, development, physiological status, and pathological responses of organisms.

By integrating and analyzing the histological data at the molecular level of both proteomics and metabolomics, on the one hand, we can combine the analysis results of the two histologies for mutual verification and improve the success rate of subsequent experimental verification. However, they can also work in concert to strengthen one another and improve the systematic nature of the research. Eventually, we will be able to identify the proteins or metabolites associated with important metabolic pathways, develop a model of the molecular biology change mechanism, and obtain a thorough understanding of the overall pattern and direction of biological changes. This will serve as a basis for more in-depth research and analysis.

4D Proteomics and Dual-Platform Full-Spectrum Metabolomics

The new technology, which combines the dual platforms of GC-MS and LC-MS with 4D-DIA proteomics, can better improve the accuracy and comprehensiveness of data from multiple dimensions. It can also mine an increasing amount of accurate data, yielding more valuable results for further in-depth research and application.

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Advantages of 4D Proteomics and Dual-Platform Full-Spectrum Metabolomics

Comprehensive analysis. When paired with the dual platform of GC-MS and LC-MS, 4D-DIA proteomic technology can offer thorough analysis at the protein and metabolite levels. This makes it possible for scientists to gather data on metabolites and proteins, which advances our knowledge of the molecular processes that underlie living things.

Applications of 4D Proteomics and Dual-Platform Full-Spectrum Metabolomics

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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