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Skin Proteomics Solutions

The skin provides a physical barrier and immune protection for the body, and these functions are performed by different functional layers, cell types and extracellular matrix. Although it plays a central role in human health and disease, the protein composition of the skin has rarely been systematically studied.  Recently, advances in mass spectrometry and data acquisition methods have greatly improved the sensitivity, throughput, integrity and quantitative accuracy of protein detection. MS-based proteomics is now a sensitive and accurate method for large-scale, unbiased proteomic analysis, allowing for the characterization of a nearly complete proteome, which resulted in more studies revolving around skin proteome research.

Our Skin Proteomics Service

Data independent analysis (DIA) has become increasingly popular in the field of quantitative proteomics. We present a novel DIA strategy portfolio, developed and implemented on a hybrid quadrupole/oa-time-of-flight (Q-TOF) mass spectrometer. In addition, our improved 4D-DIA quantitative platform provides an additional separation dimension for skin proteome analysis to reduce interferences and enhance specificity.

Due to the nature of this acquisition, qualitative and quantitative data can be obtained from a single injection. Our skin proteomics services can be applied on large scale, analyzing thousands of proteins across thousands of samples in a high-throughput mode. We also offer highly multiplexed targeted proteomics with absolute quantification for customized panels of proteins.

Workflow of quantitative proteomics of human skinWorkflow of quantitative proteomics of human skin (Matthias Mann et, al. Nature Communications. 2020)

Data Analysis

Standard data analysis content
Statistical analysis of identification resultsSample protein and peptide identification histogram, PCA distribution map, quantitative variance statistical analysis
Bioinformatics analysisDifferential up- and down-regulated protein KEGG map, KEGG pathway function attribution, etc.
GO and G0 enrichment, KEGG and KEGG enrichment analysis, PPI interaction network and module analysis
Advanced data analysis content
Biomarker screeningIntegrated machine learning, LASSO regression analysis, marker panels, ROC analysis
Molecular typing analysisUnsupervised cluster typing analysis, proteome + transcriptome analysis, kinase analysis
Joint analysis of clinical characterization and omics results
Disease-related functional module analysisWGCNA co-expression analysis
Survival curve analysisClinical typing and survival curve analysis


Sample Requirements

Based on our special protein extraction technology, we can quickly extract proteins from various samples and design personalized experimental schemes according to different experiment purposes. Specific requirements are as follows:

Sample TypeProtein# of CellSkin Tissue
Quantify100 ug1×107 cells1 g


Our DIA Quantitative Proteomics service is ideal for long-term projects or projects with large sample sets which require accurate and reproducible quantitation. Please contact us for more details.


  1. Matthias Mann et, al. Spatially and cell-type resolved quantitative proteomic atlas of healthy human skin. Nature Communications. 11,5587 (2020)
  2. Jing Ma et, al. Quantitative proteomics analysis of young and elderly skin with DIA mass spectrometry reveals new skin aging-related proteins. Aging 12, 13 (2020)
* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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