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Blood/Plasma/Serum Proteomics Solutions

Bottleneck of Traditional Technology

Blood samples are undoubtedly the most important and most frequently analyzed sample for clinical medical research, especially in biomarker research.

Proteins are the most critical macromolecules in blood samples as the performers of life activities and biological functions, but the complexity of blood samples poses a great challenge for proteomic studies. Analyzing blood samples is challenging in proteomics because high-abundance proteins such as albumin and IgG in the blood account for more than 90%, and mass spectrometry will repeatedly scan these high-abundance proteins, resulting in too few meaningful low-abundance proteins to be collected. Therefore, in order to detect more meaningful proteins, the conventional strategy often requires the removal of high-abundance proteins and pre-grading, but this also means that some of the important protein information in the blood is lost.

Why Choose Our Plasma/Serum Proteomics Service

After a long period of dedicated research and development, Creative Proteomics has achieved a breakthrough in the proteomic analysis of blood samples. Based on a versatile and powerful data independent acquisition (DIA) platform, we can quantify more than 1000 proteins in a single blood/plasma/serum sample, without removing high-abundance proteins and without grading. This analytical capability is more than twice compared with the traditional proteomics technology (such as iTRAQ, TMT or label-free) under the same analytical conditions.

First of all, different from the traditional DDA data acquisition mode, the full scan acquisition mode used in DIA greatly reduces the impact of high-abundance signals. Therefore, DIA will have more advantages in the analysis of blood samples composed of high abundance proteins. Secondly, the high reproducibility and high accuracy of DIA can ensure parallelism and accuracy as much as possible in the process of large-scale sample analysis.

Blood/plasma/serum proteomics can be applied on large scale, analyzing thousands of proteins across thousands of samples in a high-throughput mode. We also offer highly multiplexed targeted proteomics with absolute quantification for customized panels of proteins.

Workflow of Our Plasma/Serum Proteomics Service

Workflow of Our Plasma/Serum Proteomics Service

Advantages of Our Plasma/Serum Proteomics Service

High reliability: we have set a strict, high standard of "triple data filtering" for DIA data: protein FDR, peptide FDR and score values.

Chromatography enhancement: the stability of chromatography directly determines the reproducibility and accuracy of data.

Database improvement: As one of the first platforms to carry out DIA analysis, we have built a unique spectral library of blood samples. During the project, we will not only build a unique library for each project, but also combine it with our own blood spectral library to achieve a broader coverage of DIA data.

DIA-based targeted proteomics for protein quantification in plasmaDIA-based targeted proteomics for protein quantification in plasma (Eslam N. Nigjeh, et al. J Proteome Res. 2017)

Sample Requirements

Sample TypeBloodPlasma/Serum
Quantify1 mL0.2-0.5 mL


* For Research Use Only. Not for use in the treatment or diagnosis of disease.

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Specializing in proteomics, Creative Proteomics offers cutting-edge protein analysis services. Our distinctive approach revolves around harnessing the power of DIA technology, enabling us to deliver precise and comprehensive insights that drive advancements in research and industry.

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