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The structure of a polymer product will have an important impact on its performance. Therefore, the analysis of the polymer structure is an important link to ensure the good performance of the product and product quality control. Researchers continue to explore the structure and processing methods of compounds in order to find stronger, cheaper and sustainable materials.

In addition, in order to have a deep understanding of the internal movement of the polymer, so as to better its synthesis, improve performance and expand the scope of application, it is necessary to analyze the structure of the polymer and its corresponding characteristics.

Creative Proteomics can provide polymer structure analysis services. Our professional engineers can ensure access to high-quality product structure analysis information to help you accelerate the pace of product marketization. The structural analysis report provided by Creative Proteomics is effective and scientific. We are committed to strictly following the product structure analysis standards and product quality control requirements of various countries and regions, and formulate an analysis plan suitable for your product to meet your special product structure analysis.

Available Reagents

We can provide you with the following reagents for structural analysis service, including but not limited to:

Deuterated chloroform dissolves hyperbranched polyethylene, deuterated dimethyl sulfoxide soluble polyether sulfone, heavy water soluble polyethylene glycol, deuterated o-dichlorobenzene soluble ethylene hexyl copolymer and ethylene homopolymer.

Structural Analysis Service We Can Provide:

1. Structural analysis of polymers

The polycrystalline X-ray method is used in the structure analysis of foreign matter, and the polycrystalline X-ray diffractometer is mainly used to investigate the phase, crystallinity, preferred orientation of crystal grains and crystal grain size in polymer structure analysis.

2. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy(NMRS)

NMRS is an important method for polymer molecular structure analysis and characterization. In NMRS, the most commonly used and important methods are hydrogen and carbon spectroscopy. The hydrogen nuclear magnetic spectrum mainly analyzes the chemical composition of the polymer's macromolecular chain, while the carbon spectrum mainly realizes the structural analysis, composition distribution, stereoregularity, distribution of the branched chain on the molecular chain and end group analysis of the polymer.

3. Infrared spectrum analysis

Infrared spectroscopy analysis method mainly uses spectral library comparison method to match single substances and homopolymers. At the same time, it confirms that the main absorption band corresponds to the position of the main functional group, and determines the position of some groups according to the band position, relative intensity, and shape, while excluding certain structures. The most important thing is that the infrared spectrum of the polymer is not affected by the molecular weight.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days (excluding special experiments).

At Creative Proteomics, our experienced chemical structure analysis engineers can use stable and mature technology to analyze the structure of the product to determine the structure characterization analysis information of the product to assist you in solving related experimental problems. We will use professional experimental methods and first-class experimental equipment to ensure effective and high-quality product structure analysis. If you need tailor-made personalized service, please contact us. We will provide you with an exclusive solution. Creative Proteomics is always committed to serving you.

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