ICP-OES Analysis Service

Creative Proteomics provides an inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer analysis service platform that can help you perform qualitative and quantitative analysis of the chemical properties of the detected substances.

Inductively coupled plasma - optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) is a high-frequency electromagnetic field generated by a high-frequency current through an induction coil, so that the working gas forms plasma and presents a flame-like discharge (plasma torch), reaching a high temperature of 10,000k. Spectral light source with good evaporation-atomization-excitation-ionization performance. ICP-OES is widely used in the qualitative and quantitative analysis of more than 70 kinds of metal elements and some non-metal elements in samples of geology, environmental protection, chemical industry, biology, medicine, food, metallurgy, agriculture, etc.

Creative Proteomics can provide you with ICP-OES for the detection of chemical element content, analysis of harmful substances, chemical components, harmful heavy metals, trace elements, effective ingredients and other nutrients, and evaluate the chemical detection advantages of the technology platform to ensure the accuracy of the measured results.

Service We Can Provide:

  • Analyze chemical element content, hazardous substances and chemical components in materials (refractory alloys, high-purity non-ferrous metals and their alloys, metal materials, power materials, precious metal research materials, electronics, communication materials and packaging materials, medical devices and packaging materials).
  • Analyze chemical components, harmful substances and heavy metal ions in environmental and safety categories (tableware containers, packaging materials, sewage, drinking water, mineral water, toys, children's products, fertilizers, cosmetics, detergents and packaging materials).
  • Analyze harmful heavy metals, trace elements, active ingredients and other nutrients in medicines and foods (Chinese and Western medicines and their packaging materials, biological tissues, health care products and biological products, food and their packaging materials).
  • Analyze element composition, function and content in common substances (geology, soil, minerals, environmental samples).
  • Analyze trace elements in high-purity caustic soda and its raw materials in chlor-alkali chemical industry.

Advantages of Our ICP-OES Analysis Service:

  • Multiple elements can be measured simultaneously.
  • Wide measuring range (low content and high content components can be measured at the same time).
  • Good sensitivity and good accuracy.
  • Easy to operate and easy to master.
  • Suitable for samples in different states.

Turnaround Time: 2-7 working days.

At Creative Proteomics, our professional analysts can provide you with improved quality services to support your business. Our professional analysis platform can guarantee consistently accurate and detailed delivery. Our professionals will customize exclusive solutions for you. Creative Proteomics looks forward to cooperating with you.

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