Component Analysis Service

Component analysis can be used for qualitative and quantitative analysis of each component of the sample through technical services such as microscopic spectrogram. The component analysis technology can quickly determine what the various components of the target sample are, and help customers to conduct qualitative and quantitative analysis of the sample. Component analysis can identify the material of polymer materials (such as rubber and plastic), sample raw materials, impurities and the content of specific components.

Creative Proteomics provides component analysis service. We can not only assist research and development enterprises in the development and quality control of new products, but also help enterprises to issue analysis reports. Our laboratory engineers provide consulting and testing services according to customer needs. Component analysis report issued by Creative Proteomics is fair, scientific and accurate. We will strictly abide by the quality assurance/quality control plans and regulations of each country/region and your special requirements to provide you with technical support.

Types of Component Analysis Service

We can provide you with the following types of component analysis service, including but not limited to:

TypesThe detailed content
Total component analysisAnalyze the basic components of the target sample and provide the full component analysis report of the target sample.
Active component analysisAnalyze the active component of the target sample, and provide the active component analysis report of the target sample.
Specified component analysisConduct qualitative and quantitative tests on specific compounds or compound types specified by customers, and provide specified component analysis reports.
Prohibited component analysisConduct analysis on the addition of prohibited substances of target samples, and provide the prohibited substances detection report or research report, which can serve as an important support for quality control.
Component list analysisAnalyze the general component of the product or raw material to meet the requirement of component filing. It is often used for import and export customs business and basic information for MSDS.

Component Analysis Service We Can Provide:

1. UV Spectrophotometer

Each substance has its own unique and fixed absorption spectrum curve, which can distinguish and determine the content of the substance according to the absorbance of some characteristic wavelengths on the absorption spectrum. UV spectrophotometer can analyse the component, structure and interaction of substances according to the absorption spectrum of substances.

2. High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

HPLC is an important branch of chromatography. During the analysis, liquid is used as the mobile phase, and the mobile phases, such as single solvents of different polarity or mixed solvents of different proportions, are pumped into the column with the stationary phase by using a high-pressure infusion system. After each component is separated in the column, it enters the detector for detection, so as to realize the analysis of the sample. HPLC has the advantage of good selectivity, high detection sensitivity and automatic operation. HPLC is not limited by the volatilization and thermal stability of the sample, and has a wide range of applications. High separation efficiency can be achieved through the optimization of mobile phases. HPLC can be generally analyzed at room temperature, without high column temperature, which is suitable for thermal instability component analysis.

3. Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 

DSC measures the relationship between temperature and heat flow related to the internal heat transition of samples, which has a very wide range of applications.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days (excluding special experiments).

At Creative Proteomics, our professional analysts can provide you with improved quality services to support your business. Our professional analysis platform can guarantee consistently accurate and detailed delivery. If the substance or item you want to test is not in the above content, please contact us. Our professionals will customize exclusive solutions for you. Creative Proteomics looks forward to cooperating with you.

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