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Impurities refer to the impure components contained in a substance, and their forms are solid particles, fibrous, soft gel, liquid, and gas. Impurities are closely related to the production process and the control level of the production process, and have a greater impact on the safety of chemical industrial products. At present, the control and detection of impurities in raw materials or products of the chemical industry is still a crucial link.

Creative Proteomics provides impurity analysis service. We can assist research and development enterprises in the development and quality control of new products. Our laboratory engineers provide consulting and testing services according to customer needs. Impurity analysis report issued by Creative Proteomics is fair, scientific and accurate. We will strictly abide by the quality assurance/quality control plans and regulations of each country/region and your special requirements to provide you with technical support.

Available Detected Products

We can provide you with the following reagents for impurity analysis service, including but not limited to:

  • Inorganic chemical products: Sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, soda ash, caustic soda, synthetic ammonia and other basic chemical raw materials
    • Inorganic acids include sulfuric acid, nitric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and boric acid, etc.
    • Chlor-alkali includes caustic soda, chlorine, bleaching powder and soda ash, etc.
    • Chemical fertilizers include nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer and compound fertilizer, etc.
    • Inorganic salts include chlorides, nitrates, phosphates, sodium and potassium salts and various metal oxides.
  • Organic chemical products: usually classified according to different functional groups, they are the main raw materials for the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber pesticides, synthetic detergents, solvents, paints, etc.
    • Unsaturated compounds (such as alkenes, alkynes, aromatic hydrocarbons)
    • Hydroxy compounds (such as alcohol phenol)
    • Alkoxy compound (such as ether)
    • Carbonyl compounds (such as aldehydes, ketones, quinones), carboxyl
    • Carbonyl derivatives (such as carboxylic acids, acid anhydrides, esters, amides), sugars, etc.

Impurity Analysis Service We Can Provide:

  • Ion chromatography and inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS): Qualitative and quantitative analysis of various inorganic impurities that may exist in chemical products produced by the new production process in order to make a reasonable evaluation of the production process and provide a basis for formulating reasonable quality standards.
  • Control method: No need to know the exact content of impurities, limit inspection can be carried out.
  • Sensitivity method: Add reagents to the test solution, and under certain reaction conditions, no positive reaction should occur. No reference substance required.
  • Comparative method: Determine the absolute content of impurities, such as measuring absorbance, pH, etc. Accurately determine the amount of impurities without reference substance.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days (excluding special experiments).

At Creative Proteomics, our professional analysts can provide you with improved quality services to support your business. Our professional analysis platform can guarantee consistently accurate and detailed delivery. If the substance or item you want to test is not in the above content, please contact us. Our professionals will customize exclusive solutions for you. Creative Proteomics looks forward to cooperating with you.

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