Inks Analysis Service

Inks Analysis Service

Ink is an organic or inorganic pigment or dye dissolved or suspended in a solvent. Based on the colorant used, inks are divided into two classes: pigment ink and dye-based ink. Pigment ink is waterproof ink that makes it "stick" permanently to paper and run very little because they can't dissolve completely in water. Pigment inks are very expensive and can't offer the same brightness and color vibrancy as dye ink. Dye-based inks tend to be cheaper and water-soluble. Dye ink generally takes more time to dry and results can be poor if a drop of water hit a page. But dye ink gives brighter colors.

Tests and analysis at Creative Proteomics are available for a variety of inks:

Inks Raw Material
             Pigments: black carbon, titanium dioxide, chrome green (Cr2O3), Prussian blue (Fe4 [Fe (CN) 6] 3), cadmium yellow (CdS), and molybdate orange, yellow lake, peacock blue, phthalocyanine green, and diarylide orange…              Solvent
Inks Products
             UV inks, conductive inks, invisible ink, stamp-pad ink, offset inks, magnetic inks, edible ink, ink-jet inks, writing inks…
Inks Additives
             Plasticizers, waxes, lubricants, Dispersants, surfactants, and drying agents, Chelating agent, Antioxidant, Alkali, Defoamer, pH modifiers, biocides…
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