Active Ingredients of Disinfection Products Testing

Creative Proteomics provides the active ingredients of disinfection products testing platform to help you understand the content and properties of the active ingredients of the disinfection products and comply with legal regulations.

Creative Proteomics has developed a rapid testing platform suitable for manufacturers, enterprises and government organizations, which can be used for the active ingredients testing of disinfection products. We will strictly abide by the quality assurance/quality control plans and regulations of each country/region and your special requirements to provide you with technical support.

Detectable Products

We can provide you with the following active ingredients of disinfection products testing, including but not limited to:

1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5’-dimethylhydantoin (bromochlorodimethylhydantoin)Dimethyl phenolIsopropyl methyl phenolChlorocresolPhenol
2,2'-methylenebis (3,4,6'-trichloro-phenol)CresolResorcinBiphenyl-2-olChloroxylenol
Quaternary ammonium compounds, di-C8-C10 alkyl dimethyl, chloridesThymolAmmonium glycyrrhizateDidecyl dimethylammonium chloridePropionic acid
Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl C12-C18 alkyl dimethyl, salts with 1,2-benzisothiazol-3 (2H)-one 1,1-dioxide (1:1)Benzalkonium chlorideBenzalkonium bromideBenzethonium chlorideDimethyl dioctylammonium chloride
Quaternary ammonium compounds, C12-C14 alkyl [(ethylphenyl) methyl] dimethyl, chloridesPoly (diallyl dimethyl ammonium chloride)Dodecyl trimethyl ammonium chlorideDodecyl trimethyl ammonium bromideOctadecyl dimethyl amine oxide
Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl C12-C14 alkyl dimethyl, chloridesDidecyl dimethylammonium bromideCetrimideDomiphen bromideHexamethylenetetramine
Chlorhexidine gluconate solution (chlorhexidine digluconate)Potassium sorbateChlorhexidine acetatePolyhexamethyleneguanidine hydrochlorideBenzoic acid
Quaternary ammonium compounds, benzyl C12-C16 alkyl dimethyl, chloridesHypochlorous acidGlycyrrhizic acidGlycyrrhetinic acidTyrosine
Active chlorine released from sodium hypochloriteCalcium hypochloriteSodium benzoatePotassium permanganateSodium metabisulfite
Poly (hexamethylenebiguanide) hydrochlorideBenzyl alcoholChlorobutanolAlcohol (ethyl alcohol)Isopropyl alcohol

Technology Platform

UV - VIS Spectroscopic Scanning Technology Platform: The UV - VIS spectroscopic scanning technology platform for disinfectant products is established by Creative Proteomics expert team. This technology platform has the advantage of simple pretreatment, accurate and reliable result, low experiment cost and easy to popularize application, which especially gives full play to its rapid advantage, and can carry on a large number of samples preliminary testing.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC): HPLC is suitable for the separation and quantification of volatile organic compounds, which can make up for the deficiency that GC technology can only analyze volatile organic compounds. Most organic compounds can be analyzed by this technique service. The content of active ingredient of compound chemical disinfectant is usually trace, so it is difficult to determine the effective ingredient by titration because of the interference of compound ingredient. Separation is the basis of accurate quantification. Based on the HPLC technology service with a high degree of modernization and automation, the effective components of compound chemical disinfectants can be accurately measured.
High Performance Capillary Electrophoresis (HPCE): HPCE is one of the fastest growing compositional analysis services in recent years. Driven by the high voltage electric field, the capillary tube is used as the separation channel, and the liquid phase separation for the separation analysis is realized according to the differences in the mobility and distribution behavior of each component in the sample. HPCE has advantages of high efficiency, fast separation speed, strong selectivity, minimal solvent and sample consumption, no high pressure pump, and lower instrument cost than HPLC. Creative Proteomics HPCE platform can provide customers with efficient, low cost, fast, widely used active ingredients testing services.

Advantages of Our Active Ingredients of Disinfection Products Testing Platform

Strict quality control.
Confidentiality agreement can be signed.
Provide customers with meaningful high-quality reports explaining laboratory results.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days.

At Creative Proteomics, our professional analysts can provide you with improved quality services to support your business. Our professional analysis platform can guarantee consistently accurate and detailed delivery. If the substance or item you want to test is not in the above content, please contact us. Our professionals will customize exclusive solutions for you. Creative Proteomics looks forward to cooperating with you.

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