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As the current appearance and feel of artificial leather and plastic products are no different from real leather or glass plastic products, a large number of leather products or glass plastic products circulating in the market cannot be inspected and identified, causing market confusion. Disputes on materials such as fur and plastic and the problem of product material identification are becoming more and more prominent. How to identify the types of fur and plastic conveniently, quickly and accurately has always been the focus of the quality inspection department and the general consumers.

In addition, a high-quality and effective product material identification analysis report can effectively reduce the defect rate of products to reduce the waste of market resources, which can ensure orderly and stable competition in the market and protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

Creative Proteomics can provide diversified material identification and analysis services to meet your diverse product identification needs. Our outstanding engineers can formulate a scientific and effective material identification analysis plan for you, help you quickly and accurately conduct material analysis identification analysis, and provide you with technical support and scientific experimental data. We will strictly follow the identification standards of various countries and regions to tailor the analysis plan for you to ensure that your special material identification needs are met.

Material Identification Analysis Service We Can Provide:

1. Three-dimensional digital microscope method

The three-dimensional digital microscopy method is to use the microscope's ultra-depth-of-field zoom, three-dimensional measurement and analysis, ultra-fine motion, multi-view angle and other characteristics to observe the surface of the fur material and the observation of the section morphology, and the plane or three-dimensional micro-scale measurement. This method can effectively distinguish the head layer and the split layer. For furs that are glued between split leather and split hair on the market, the three-dimensional digital fiber system method is the most effective method for identifying fur materials.

2. Fiber fineness meter method

The fiber fineness meter method is to take an appropriate amount of wool fiber and place it on a glass slide dripped with glycerin, cover it with a cover glass, and place it on the fiber fineness meter for observation. There are certain differences in the transverse section and longitudinal fiber structure of different animals' hair fibers. It can be distinguished by the morphological type of the medulla, the morphological distribution of the scale layer, the morphology of the pigment particles, and the shape of the cross section.

3. Chemical fingerprinting technology

Chemical fingerprinting technology uses certain extraction and separation procedures to obtain the total extract of the characteristic chemical components in the sample. Then the chromatogram, spectrum or mass spectrum of the characteristic total extract is measured to characterize its relative chemical composition, structure and other chemical properties.

4. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

Fourier infrared spectrometer can quickly and effectively identify the composition of substances and analyze the molecular structure of substances. When infrared light shines on the measured substance, the molecular structure of the substance can be inferred by detecting the absorption strength of the measured substance to the infrared light, thereby judging the composition of the measured substance.

Turnaround Time: 7-10 working days (excluding special experiments).

At Creative Proteomics, our professional researchers will formulate a material identification analysis plan based on the products you provide. We have a first-class experimental platform and mature technical methods, which can effectively ensure that we provide you with scientific experimental analysis reports. If you have special material identification requirements, please contact us. We will provide you with an exclusive solution. Creative Proteomics looks forward to working with you.

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