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Creative Proteomics has a Shotgun-MS platform that provides Shotgun protein identification services for the identification of subcellular structures and organelles proteins.

The basic technical route of Shotgun mass spectrometry identification: complex mixtures of liquid or SDS-PAGE bands are digested by trypsin to form peptide fraction mixtures, then the peptide mixture was separated by multi-dimensional capillary liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry analysis and database retrieval to determine the protein type. The method can identify hundreds of proteins simultaneously.

Shotgun Protein Identification Workflow

Shotgun protein identification workflow

Technology Platform

Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap and Agilent 6540 Q-TOF high performance mass spectrometers are available.

Advantages of Shotgun Protein Identification Service:

  • Rich proteomics experience. The company has been engaged in proteomics related services for 16 years.
  • Professional Platforms. High-resolution Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap mass spectrometer is available.
  • Bioinformatics services. Our bioinformatics analysts can help you interpret the final data.
  • Custom services. Based on your samples and requirements, we can customize a dedicated solution for you.

Sample Requirements

  • 1D SDS PAGE / 2D PAGE gels samples:
  • 1. Coomassie Blue, SYPRO Ruby and Silver stain samples can be used for protein identification;  
    2. Please do not decolorize silver-stained samples*.

    *Silver stained samples may not be compatible with subsequent mass spectrometric analysis. If you submit silver stained samples, please contact us in advance.

  • In solution format:
  • The total protein is> 5ug, and the concentration is> 0.1ug / uL; the buffer solution does not contain detergent NP40, Triton X-100 and so on.


Experimental protocols, related MS parameters, mass spectrogram, raw data, identified sample analysis report. Reports are available in Excel or PDF format and RAW files are available on request.

Turnaround Time

Typical 25 working days from sample QC acceptance to data report delivery.

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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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