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Providing actionable insights at the subcellular level to move science forward.

Our team works tirelessly to make scientific discoveries that have an impact. We strive for collaboration, excellence and success at all levels. We aspire to be the best at what we do to make a positive impact.

Customer focused mission

Creative Proteomics has over a decade of experience in multi-omics services and has provided quality services to clients in over 50 countries and territories. Our global team is able to support researchers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agriculture and nutrition industries as well as academic and government institutions.

Creative Proteomics is committed to providing innovative solutions to power your biological research. With our deep expertise and advanced technology, we will help you obtain single-cell and subcellular level views to facilitate relevant research progress. Our dedicated bioinformatics analysis team can help you visualize your data once it is acquired.

Knowledge-based and platform-based companies

Focusing on research at the subcellular and single-cell levels, Creative Proteomics has established a dedicated department to help solve problems in subcellular and single-cell research, from optimal subcellular organelle hierarchical separation, enrichment of assay substances, liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis to data processing and analysis (screening for differential proteins, lipid molecules, metabolites, and analysis of differential metabolic pathways), and ultimately obtaining relative relationships between target assay substances and physiological and pathological changes.

Subcellular Proteomics

iTRAQ, SWATH, Label-free, PRM. various quantitative proteomic technologies to assist you in discovering key proteins of signal transduction pathways, discovering disease markers, discovering drug targets.

Subcellular Metabolomics / Lipidomics

Characterization of some of the key biochemical components involved in physiopathological processes at the subcellular level, including non-targeted screening and targeted analysis.

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