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Mitochondrial multi-omics analysis focuses on the changes in mitochondrial structure and function. Mitochondria play an important role in maintaining the structure and function of cells, tissues, and organs, as they are the centers of energy metabolism, signaling, and cell fate (apoptosis or survival). Mitochondrial functions include mitochondrial membrane potential, mitochondrial calcium leakage, mitochondrial ROS production, mitochondrial antioxidant capacity, mitochondrial aerobic respiration, mitochondrial transport, mitochondrial genetics, and mitochondrial apoptotic signaling. Mitochondrial structure includes mitochondrial DNA homeostasis, mitochondrial mitosis, mitochondrial autophagy, and mitochondrial heterologous (homologous) fusion.

Creative Proteomics provides you with a professional mitochondrial multi-omics analysis platform. We have high-resolution mass spectrometry instruments and a professional bioinformatics team to provide you with mitochondrial proteomic, mitochondrial metabolomic and mitochondrial lipidomic analysis services. We aim to provide you with high-quality services to accelerate the progress of your project and open up new horizons.

The Mitochondrial Assays We Offer Include but Are Not Limited to:

1. Mitochondrial isolation and protein purification

2. Mitochondrial proteomics analysis

  • Mitochondrial membrane protein characterization
  • Mitochondrial protein composition, expression level analysis
  • Expression level analysis of all proteins in mitochondria

3. Mitochondrial metabolomics analysis

  • Mitochondrial metabolite differential expression analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of mitochondrial metabolites

4. Mitochondrial lipidomic analysis

  • Analysis of mitochondrial membrane lipid composition and levels
  • Analysis of differential expression of mitochondrial lipid molecules
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of mitochondrial lipid molecules

5. Mitochondrial Phenotype Analysis

  • Mitochondrial Morphology Analysis using Electron Microscopy
  • Mitochondrial Morphology Analysis using High-Content Imaging

6.  Mitochondrial Protein Posttranslational Modification

  • Mitochondrial Protein Phosphorylation Analysis
  • Mitochondrial Protein Acetylation Analysis

7. Mitochondrial Function Analysis

  • Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation Analysis
  • Mitochondrial Membrane Potential Analysis
  • Mitochondrial Calcium Ion Detection
  • Mitochondrial ROS Analysis
  • Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore Analysis
  • Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain Enzyme Analysis

8. Mitochondrial Damage Detection

9. Mitochondrial Toxicity Detection

10. Mitochondrial Autophagy Research

Mitochondrial Analysis ServicesThe Mito-Omics Interface (Silverstein et al., 2020)

Applications of Mitochondrial Analysis

  • Research on mechanisms related to the pathogenesis and progression of metabolic and tumor diseases
  • Basic research related to molecular diagnosis and genetic screening of mitochondrial (maternal) genetic diseases
  • Studies of metabolic adaptation and metabolic transition in plants and animals
  • Dual-track research pathways for cell death and cell survival
  • Toxicology and pharmacology of mitochondria-specific drugs


  1. Silverstein, A. R., Flores, M. K., et al. (2020). Mito-Omics and immune function: Applying novel mitochondrial omic techniques to the context of the aging immune system. Translational medicine of aging, 4, 132-140.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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