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The Golgi apparatus is the main organelle of a secretory channel. Golgi apparatus has a complex function and is capable of protein processing, transport, and is involved in protein glycosylation, cellular secretion, and lysosome formation. In addition, Golgi apparatus is also involved in apoptosis, value-added cell differentiation, cell division and many other cellular activities related.

The development of mass spectrometry provides a powerful technical support for the study of whole protein profiles of tissues or cells as well as metabolic profiles. The muti-omics analysis of subcellular organelles mainly focuses on the analysis of proteins and metabolites of some specific organelles within cells, with clear subcellular localization. The use of advanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry tandem technology can not only significantly improve the resolution and identification efficiency of the instrument, but also greatly enhance the detection of certain low-abundance substances. It is particularly beneficial to help understand the structure and function of cellular organelles and analyze information on protein composition, metabolite changes, and intercellular transfer and interactions of proteins, metabolites, lipid molecules, etc.

Creative Proteomics provides you with a professional Golgi apparatus multi-omics analysis platform. We have high-resolution mass spectrometry instruments and a professional bioinformatics team to provide you with Golgi proteomics, Golgi metabolomics and Golgi lipidomics analysis services. Our aim is to provide you with excellent service, accelerate your project and open up new horizons. Our services can be applied to functional studies of the Golgi apparatus, discovery of new substances on the Golgi apparatus, analysis to refine the protein or metabolite composition of the Golgi apparatus, etc. In addition, we can help you identify changes in protein or metabolite levels in the Golgi apparatus when pathological conditions or changes in the functional state of cells occur, etc., and accelerate research on disease mechanisms and drug development.

Golgi Apparatus Analysis ServicesOrganellar proteomics and phospho-proteomics (Krahmer et al., 2018)

The Golgi Apparatus Assays We Offer Include but Are Not Limited to:

1. Golgi apparatus isolation and purification service

2. Golgi apparatus proteomics analysis

  • Study of protein expression patterns: study of the characterization of all proteins in a particular cell or tissue under specific conditions
  • Study of protein function patterns: reveal all protein functions and their modes of action
  • Study of protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions
  • Analysis of post-translational modifications of Golgi apparatus proteins
  • Structural analysis of proteins
  • Subcellular localization of proteins

3. Golgi apparatus metabolomics analysis

  • Metabolite differential expression analysis
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of metabolites

4. Golgi apparatus lipidomic analysis

  • Analysis of Golgi apparatus lipid composition and levels
  • Analysis of differential expression of lipid molecules
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of lipid molecules
  • Golgi apparatus fatty acid analysis

Basic Analysis

  • Data quality control and molecular identification
  • Expression quantitative analysis
  • Differential analysis
  • Functional annotation and enrichment analysis


  1. Krahmer, N., Najafi, B., et al. (2018). Organellar proteomics and phospho-proteomics reveal subcellular reorganization in diet-induced hepatic steatosis. Developmental cell, 47(2), 205-221.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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