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Membrane Protein Antibody Discovery

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Complex integral membrane proteins embedded in lipid bilayers through multiple transmembrane-spanning helices represent important target classes for the drug discovery protein family, including G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels and transporters. Typically, these protein targets have been the domain of small-molecule drugs. Due to their unique specificity, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are able to selectively modulate these target proteins, providing an opportunity for the discovery of antibodies to membrane proteins.

mAb discovery for membrane protein targets

Targeting membrane proteins by mAb therapy is one way to achieve target selectivity, especially when the mAb recognizes conformational epitopes. Compared with small molecules and peptides, mAb-targeting membrane proteins have the advantages of high selectivity, good safety, long circulating half-life, and high bioavailability. The modular nature of the antibody also allows for enhanced or mitigated effector functionality through multiple engineering options and modified Fc domains. Among membrane protein-targeting mAbs, GPCR-targeting mAbs are the most widely studied, with at least two approved and one in clinical trials.

Fig. 1 Diverse topologies of complex membrane proteins and interactions with antibodies.Fig. 1 Diverse topologies of complex membrane proteins and interactions with antibodies. (Dodd R B, Wilkinson T, Schofield D J., 2018)

Membrane protein-based antibody discovery at Creative Proteomics

Due to their complex structure and high homology, mAbs against membrane protein targets are difficult to generate, isolate and characterize. Creative Proteomics is a leading service provider in complex membrane protein research and analysis with years of experience and expertise. Our comprehensive capabilities and technologies ensure the discovery of rare and functional antibodies. Based on membrane proteins for functional assay development, engineering, and characterization studies, we are committed to providing the following antibody characterization and functional assays for preclinical lead selection.

  • Functional antibody identification

We have the ability to provide high-quality pure, stable, and functional membrane protein targets for antibody discovery. In addition, our team of experts has the expertise to develop the functional assays required to evaluate target-specific antibody interactions.


-Ion channels

-Transporter proteins


-Viral proteins

-Other membrane targets

  • Lead selection and characterization

We provide reliable information on binding properties, epitope localization and binding reactivity to support the characterization and selection of Leads.

-Biophysical characterization

-Antibody specificity profiling

-Epitope mapping

  • Lead optimization

-Antibody affinity maturation

Our services support

  • The discovery of rare and functional antibodies
  • Deep screening of a large number of antibodies with different epitopes
  • Validation and characterization of preclinical preparation antibodies

Reasons to work with us

  • Cutting-edge technology and advanced platform
  • High-throughput facility and strict workflow
  • Experienced specialists in membrane and membrane protein research and analysis
  • Provide customers with customized, results-oriented services

Creative Proteomics is dedicated to offering membrane protein-related services to support you along every stage of drug discovery and development, ranging from membrane protein production, and hit identification, to candidate drug selection. How can we help you? How do I start this service? And how long will it take? If you have any of these questions, contact us and someone from our team will get back to you shortly.


  1. Dodd, Roger B., Trevor Wilkinson, and Darren J. Schofield. "Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies to complex membrane protein targets: antigen generation and antibody discovery strategies." BioDrugs 32 (2018): 339-355.

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