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Membrane Protein Solution for Cancer Biomarker Discovery

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Membrane proteins are involved in central processes such as cell-cell interactions and communication, receptor-mediated signal transduction, and selective transport, and generally play a critical role in cell homeostasis. Cancer and cancer metastasis are associated with protein expression levels and dysfunction, in which membrane proteins play an important role. The membrane proteome has become a significant pool of potential cancer biomarkers for prognostic or diagnostic purposes. Mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics has been widely used for sub-proteome analysis, and membrane proteomics analysis has emerged as a promising tool for identifying novel and specific biomarkers in various cancers. And a variety of potential cancer biomarkers have been proposed through membrane proteomics analysis.

Cancer Biomarker Discovery

Cancer biomarker discovery

Cancer biomarkers are key to the diagnosis and treatment of the disease, and the development of membrane proteomics has further facilitated the discovery of protein biomarkers. Due to the high complexity and heterogeneity of tumors, the emerging field of personalized/precision medicine is highly dependent on tissue-based protein biomarkers. Membrane protein-based biomarkers are particularly valuable for characterizing tumor tissue type (prognostic biomarkers) and informing treatment decisions (therapeutic biomarkers). Typically, protein biomarker discovery projects have significantly relied on quantitative MS. Differential membrane proteome changes could occur in the expression of protein profiles under specific stress and/or pathophysiological conditions. Differential membrane proteomics has long been applied to identify novel biomarkers, improve early diagnosis, and lead to the identification of possible therapeutic targets. Moreover, advances in comparative proteomics have provided a powerful approach to screen for protein-level alterations and ultimately identify many potential new therapeutic targets and cancer biomarkers.

Creative Proteomics advances various cancer biomarker discovery

  • MS-based membrane proteomics in cancer biomarker discovery

Typically, protein biomarker discovery projects have significantly relied on quantitative MS. Creative Proteomics offers a one-stop shop for membrane proteomics, providing a holistic perspective on the comprehensive analysis of membranes and valuable information for cancer biomarker discovery. The main contents include:

-Enrichment of cytoplasmic membrane. Density gradient centrifugation, antibody immunomagnetic bead purification, and biotin labeling can be used to enrich the cytoplasmic membrane.

-Extraction, separation, and identification of cytoplasmic membrane proteins. Shotgun and top-down strategies are optional.

-Quantitative study of membrane proteome. We can provide labeled and labeled-free protein quantification methods and complete verification services.

-Data analysis and bioinformatics analysis. Bioinformatics analysis of membrane proteins includes the identification and quantification of membrane proteins.

  • Membrane protein microarray in cancer biomarker discovery

In addition, Creative Proteomics also offers a membrane protein microarray screening service to advance cancer biomarker discovery. With the unique technical design, membrane protein microarray technology not only solves the problem of membrane protein conformation and activity but also allows high-throughput cell membrane binding screening work. Our membrane protein microarray contains large numbers of membrane proteins, such as single-pass transmembrane proteins, multi-pass transmembrane proteins, and GPI-anchored proteins, assembled with the unprecedented ability to study a range of cancer biomarkers in depth. Our advanced platform and robust workflow can greatly facilitate the process of novel and specific biomarker identification.

Specifically, our membrane protein microarray services include:

-Screening condition measurement

-Membrane protein microarray screening

-Reliable target binding validation

Profiling of cell surface membrane protein markers in specific cell types and at specific differentiation or disease stages has great potential for identifying novel molecular markers and subsequent therapeutic targets. Creative Proteomics is committed to providing reliable, affordable, and hassle-free protein biomarker discovery services to our global customers. We are available 24 hours a day, please feel free to contact us for more information.


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