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Exosomes from the urinary system are involved in intercellular communication in physiological and pathological states. In the development and progression of kidney diseases, exosomes exert dual effects, namely, enhancing kidney disease processes while promoting tissue repair. In addition to playing an important role in the pathogenesis of kidney disease, exosomes can be used as non-invasive biomarkers for these disease diagnosis and prognosis. Creative Proteomics is proud to offer a wide range of exosome-related services to support kidney disease exosome research. Specifically, our services include exosome isolation and purification, exosome engineering, and exosome identification. More importantly, we offer a range of exosome multi-omics services. Our comprehensive, customized, and flexible services can greatly promote the investigation and application of exosomes in kidney diseases.

Fig.1 Mechanisms of MSC-exosomes in renal regeneration.Fig.1 Mechanisms of MSC-exosomes in renal regeneration. (Jin, Can, et al.,2021)

Exosomes in kidney diseases and disorders

Exosomes are widely present in various body fluids and cell culture supernatants and mediate the physiological and pathological processes of the body by transporting biologically active substances (such as proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids) to recipient cells. Recently, exosomes have been reported to play beneficial roles in the renal physiology and pathogenic mechanisms of various kidney diseases. These exosomes have been widely studied in many acute and chronic kidney diseases, including acute kidney injury (AKI), lupus nephritis (LN), diabetic nephropathy (DN), and renal fibrosis and chronic kidney disease (CKD). Furthermore, researchers have found the emerging role of exosomes in kidney stone disease. These vesicles have been utilized as potential pathogenic molecules, valuable non-invasion biomarkers, and therapeutic biologics for these kidney diseases/disorders.

Kidney disease exosome research solution at Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics is committed to providing innovative solutions to power your kidney disease research. With our deep expertise and advanced technology, we will help you obtain reliable and comprehensive information on exosomal perspectives to facilitate the study of various kidney diseases. We are committed to helping our global customers better understand the mechanisms by which exosomes are involved in various kidney diseases. We offer the following list, including but not limited to:

Isolation or purification of exosomes from animal models or biological fluids remains challenging due to the close size range of some components such as high-density lipoproteins (HDLs), microvesicles, and chylomicrons to exosomes. Our optimized method and robust workflow will help our clients isolate/purify exosomes more efficiently.

We have been working with exosome research and analysis for years. Our exosome engineering services can create customized and high-quality engineered exosomes for your projects. The services include exosome labeling and tracking, loading cargo into exosomes, engineered exosome production, and cargo loading assessment.

  • Multi-omics analysis service

In addition to large-scale analysis of exosomes in kidney disease research through proteomics techniques, we also offer other omics analysis services such as lipidomics, metabolomics, and interactomics. Quantitative analysis of samples by multi-omics technologies has allowed in-depth characterization of exosomal proteins, lipids, RNA, and other metabolites. An in-depth understanding of the content of these vesicles can facilitate their diagnostic as well as therapeutic applications.

  • Other services

Moreover, we are able to help researchers and professionals to explore the effects of exosomes derived from specific cell types on the course of these diseases using animal models or in vitro settings.

-Exosomal biogenesis and identification

-Exosomal cargo and loading mechanism

-Exosome function research

-Exosomes labeling and tracking

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