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Mitochondrial Function Analysis

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Analysis of mitochondrial function is central to the study of intracellular energy metabolism, cell death mechanisms and pathophysiology of various human diseases. As a leading service provider in mitochondrial function analysis, Creative Proteomics is dedicated to providing a range of mitochondrial function analysis services, including mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation analysis, mitochondrial membrane potential analysis, mitochondrial calcium ion detection, mitochondrial reactive oxygen species (ROS) analysis, and mitochondrial permeability transition pore analysis. Our experienced researchers provide efficient and cost-effective services based on the advantages and disadvantages of various methods, combined with the actual project situation of our clients.

Mitochondrial Function Analysis

Overview of mitochondrial function

Mitochondria produce most of the cell's ATP and are the cell's powerhouse. In addition, mitochondria are involved in calcium metabolism, promote intracellular ROS formation, are important signaling organelles in different tissues, are critical for maintaining cellular homeostasis, and play a leading role in the initiation of apoptosis. The size and total number of mitochondria varies with the metabolic needs of different cells, their state of differentiation, and different physiological conditions.

Mitochondrial function analysis service at Creative Proteomics

In addition to mitochondrial structure analysis services, we focus on providing mitochondrial function analysis services. Among them, mitochondrial functions mainly include: mitochondrial membrane potential, mitochondrial calcium leakage, mitochondrial ROS production, mitochondrial antioxidant capacity, mitochondrial aerobic respiration, mitochondrial transport, and mitochondrial apoptosis signal. We are able to offer the following services:

Analysis of oxidative phosphorylation and the function of the mitochondrial electron transfer system (ETS) can provide information integrating metabolite uptake and metabolization, enzyme activities in the mitochondrial matrix and coupling of electron transfer and phosphorylation of ADP to ATP, thus reflecting the ability of mitochondria to meet the energy requirements of the cell. Based on various biochemical methods and advanced instruments, we are able to efficiently and accurately detect changes in the activity of oxidative phosphorylation enzymes and oxygen consumption.

Monitoring mitochondrial membrane potential provides a sensitive and early indicator of mitochondrial integrity. Based on fluorescent detection methods and various testing platforms, including microplate reader, fluorescence microscopy, and flow cytometry, we are committed to providing reliable and effective mitochondrial membrane potential assay service.

Excessive accumulation of calcium ions within the mitochondria can lead to mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress, ultimately inducing mitochondrial permeability transition and cell death through apoptosis. Therefore, the accurate monitoring of mitochondrial calcium is critical. We provide customized and one-stop mitochondrial calcium ion detection services designed to accelerate the success of our clients' projects.

Studies have shown that more than 95% of the body's ROS come from the mitochondria, and oxidative stress due to their imbalance is associated with cell growth and proliferation, developmental differentiation, aging and apoptosis, and many physiological and pathological processes. we are committed to offering a customized one-stop mitochondrial ROS detection services.

mPTP is a non-specific channel that plays an important role in cell survival and apoptosis in various areas such as tumor, aging, and neurodegeneration. Based on experienced experts and advanced platforms, such as flow cytometry, fluorescence microscopy, and laser confocal microscopy, we provide mitochondrial permeability transition pore assay services.

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