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Biacore Antibody-Antigen Interaction Analysis

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SPR technology based on optical surface plasmon resonance (SPR) can perform real-time and label-free monitoring of intermolecular interactions, including affinity, kinetics, active concentration, and thermodynamic effects at the molecular level through intermolecular interaction detection. Creative Proteomics is proud to provide this robust label-free approach to quantify membrane target binding directly with diverse ligands. We support the complete kinetic analysis of antibody-antigen interactions, using our expertise in SPR for antibody development.

Antibody-Antigen Interaction Kinetic Analysis

Antibody-antigen interaction kinetic analysis via SPR

The SPR system does not require labeling of the observation target and allows for real-time quantitative detection. The real-time interaction between molecules and membrane proteins can be observed and measured in the normal living cell state without extracting cell membrane proteins. Real-time measurements are advantageous as it allows kinetic analysis to be performed simultaneously and to determine association and dissociation rates and binding affinities. SPR technology allows the measurement of a wide range of interactions, such as protein-protein, small molecule-protein and antibody-antigen interactions, in studies ranging from single molecules to large molecular libraries.

Antibody-antigen interaction kinetic analysis at Creative Proteomics

Creative Proteomics provides a reliable and sensitive service for investigating the interaction of antibody-antigen, based on Biacore™ T200 platform. The measurement system is integrated with high sensitivity and a variety of additional features to meet a wide range of needs throughout the drug discovery process. Our services enable the complete kinetic analysis of diverse antibody binding interactions with high sensitivity and minimal noise even in complex environments. We are committed to providing our clients with a variety of customized services to meet your special needs.

  • Our specific services

-Antigen-antibody affinity determination

-Antibody characterization

-Consistency evaluation

-Antigenic determinant identification

-Antibody-FC receptor protein affinity determination

  • Sample requirements

-Antibody (100 μg, >90% purity, monoclonal)

-Antigen (at least 100 μg, >90% purity)

  • In addition to kinetics, we have applied SPR to other research and development of antibodies, including

-Affinity measurements

-Specificity profiling

-Off-target identification

-Therapeutic antibody developability

Our services are available for

  • Researchers and professionals in the field of pharmaceuticals
  • Researchers and professionals in biotechnology
  • Researchers in academic and government institutions

As a leading provider of services in the field of biotechnology, Creative Proteomics offers a wide range of membrane protein-related services including expression, extraction, purification, and screening to meet the needs of different applications, with a focus on antibody discovery and development applications. If you are interested in our services, please contact us. Our clients have direct access to our staff and prompt feedback on your inquiries. And your project will be thoroughly consulted and discussed so that our platform and services provide the best solution for your project.

* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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