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Creative Proteomics offers cell wall isolation and cell wall protein purification services for plant cell, fungi, and bacteria. Our service can help you obtain purified cell wall and cell wall proteins for subsequent assays.

Cell wall is a special structure found around plant cells and a few other organisms, including fungi, bacteria, and so on. The main component of plant cell walls is a structural carbohydrate, cellulose. While the other cell walls are mainly made from proteins, chitin, polysaccharide, etc. Cell walls protect cells and maintain the shape of cells. As for plant cells, cell walls can form cytoplasmic bridges to allow free circulation of fluid between adjacent cells. In bacteria, cell walls function as flagella and pili, that helps in movement and genetic material exchange, respectively. What's more, the cell wall proteins play a critical role in adhesion, pathogenicity, antigenicity, morphogenesis, and so forth. Hence, isolation of cell wall and cell wall protein is the very first step and necessary to better investigate different component of cell walls, the functions and cell-cell interactions, interactions between cell wall and extracellular matrix, etc.

Advantages of Our Cell Wall Isolation and Cell Wall Protein Purification Services:

  • Rich experience in cell wall separation and purification.
  • Obtained pure cell wall with low impurities without losses of cell wall constituents.
  • Cell wall can be isolated and purified from plant cells, fungi, and bacteria.
  • Protein can be extracted from cell wall without intracellular proteins contamination and metabolites during isolation.
  • We will conduct purity verification tests to ensure that the isolated protein reaches the target purity, otherwise there is no charge.

We Provide the Following Services, including but not Limited to:

  • Single organelle separation and purification
  • Cell wall and cytoplasm separation and purification
  • Cell wall protein extraction

Methods of Cell Wall Isolation and Cell Wall Protein Extraction Service:

1. Single organelle – cell wall separation and purification
The plant cell wall consists of up to three layers, including the middle lamella, primary cell wall and secondary cell wall. The former two layers exist in all plant cells, but not all plant cells have a secondary cell wall. The primary cell wall consists of polysaccharides and proteins, and the secondary cell wall is composed of polysaccharides and lignin. Therefore, the cell wall is the densest component of cell, and can be easily separated by low speed centrifugation. Even the cell walls so Gram-negative/positive bacterial, or fungi are different from that in plant cells, all the cell walls can be separated easily from cytosolic and membranous components by differential centrifugations at relatively low speed after cells are homogenized. Depending on the focus of the research on different components of cell walls and different organisms, more specialized approaches will be conducted to meet your needs.

The purity requirements for cell wall purity determine the appropriate method required. Depending on your sample types, requirement of intact cell walls and subsequent experiment, different detergents and methods will be optimized to meet your needs.

2. Isolation and purification of multiple organelles
If you need multiple organelle proteins, then we will use the organelle fractionation method or filtration to separate and enrich the organelle proteins you need.

3. Extraction of cell wall proteins
To extract plant cell walls proteins, we used two alternative protocols: (1) nondestructive techniques, and (2) destructive techniques to meet your requirements of the project. In addition, mutanolysin extraction method will be used to extract solubilization of cell wall-associated proteins conveniently and efficiently.


Experimental protocol, purity analysis report, extracted cell wall and purified protein sample.


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* For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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