Three Featured Services Researchers Should Know in Creative Proteomics

Adhering to the pursuit of life science, Creative Proteomics developed three kinds of featured services in proteomics field. And these services have gained good fame among clients and customers. What are they? They are glycosylation analysis of protein, SILAC-based proteomics analysis and host cell protein analysis.

Following are some introduction of these services.

Glycosylation analysis of protein

Protein glycosylation analysis service in Creative Proteomics can serve all kinds of functions, including glycosylating proteins that do not fold correctly and it s influence of glycosylation on the folding and stability of glycoprotein is twofold. What’s more, this service can be also used in many other fields. Glycosylation is an important parameter in the optimization of many glycoprotein-based drugs.

Host cell protein analysis

The analysis of host cell proteins is commonly recognized as one of the most important analytical requirements during bioprocess development of therapeutic moieties. In Creative Proteomics, host cell protein analysis service is widely used in therapeutic protein bioprocessing by scientists. Customers can enjoy three analytical procedures, including, 1D PAGE and HCP identification by MS, 2D PAGE and HCP identification by MS and LC-MS/MS analysis for HCPs.


SILAC is an acronym for stable isotopic labeling by amino acid in cell culture. This service can use non-radioactive isotope labeling to detect quantitative differences in protein abundance among cell samples. For comparing two different cellular populations, SILAC-based method can be the most elegant solution.

These are three main featured services in Creative Proteomics in 2017. For more information about them, customers can directly visit website.

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