To Lengthen Your Life Without Drinking These Water.

After reading the title, you may say that drinking water is full of advantages, how can it be harmful to us? Actually, you are right. However, there are four kinds of water that are harmful for us.

drinking water


Unhealthy water

1. The water is not boiled.

According to experts’ point that drinking unboiled water is the risk of bladder cancer, and the possibility of colorectal cancer is increased by 21% to 38%. Only the temperature of water reaches to 100 ℃, will those harmful substances be reduced with the steam. After 3 minutes, you can drink it without any worries.

2. The water boiled for a long time

Once water was boiled for a long time, the substances, such as, calcium, magnesium and nitrite content will get higher and higher. The final result for drinking this kind of water is to destroy the gastrointestinal function and a temporary diarrhea. The toxic nitrite will lead to hypoxia even death.

3. The steam water

This kind of water is common in China. The content of nitrite in this kind of water will be increased. Drinking this water or cooking with this water will be poisoned by nitrite. And the scale in human body will cause digestive, nervous, urinary and hematopoietic system diseases even the cancer and premature aging.

4. The water stored for a long time

This kind of water is also commonly known as “dead water” in China. For teenagers, drinking this water will slow down the metabolic system and affect growth of them. For minors, this water has the ability to decline the cell function. The longer the water stored, the more the toxic substance gathered. The rate of esophagus, stomach cancer is being increased in some developing places, this may be connected with drinking the “dead water”.

The four kinds of water we mentioned here are harmful to us. So as for the problem of drinking water, we should pay more attention to this aspect. According to the drinking water analysis made by many experienced scientists in Creative Proteomics, we can conclude that pure water is healthier than tap water. We can lengthen our life by caring details in our daily life

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