Four Mistakes in Nutrition Supplement


Hot summer has gone. The autumn is coming. We nearly have run out all energy during summer, so it is the right time for us to get nutrition in autumn. However, as for the nutrition supplement we can not get it blindly, or we will make big mistakes for our body. This article is mainly focusing on the mistakes we may make in the nutrition supplement.

Nutrition Supplement


We should get balanced nutrition and then our body can work well.

The first mistakes

Some people, who are called as picky eaters, prefer to some kinds of food. Then they will eat that food only and ignore the nutrition in other foods they do not like. This is very harmful to our health. We can take a simple example that, food is just like medicine, which can not be taken for a long time or we will get the opposite effect. Experts have done a research—Nutritional Analysis. They conclude that we should eat all kinds of food to get all kinds of nutrition for our body.

The second mistakes

The nutrition supplement we mentioned here is the nutrition from all kinds of food. However, some people will say that meat is containing many fat, which is the best nutrition for us. So they are mainly eating meat. We have to admit that the fat food is the best one in the nutrition supplement. However, eating too much fatty especially for old people is very bad for gastrointestinal function because meat is very hard to be digested. What’s more, it may cause cardiovascular disease, cancer and other common diseases. Experts suggest that we should eat some fruit and vegetables, while we are eating meat. Fruit and vegetables contain some vitamin and cellulose, which can help us with meat digestion.

The third mistake

Talking about supplement, we may think about that the more food you get, the more nutrition you gain. As we mentioned above that food is just like the medicine, if we take too much medicine, we will get ill. That is to say, we take into too much food, which is excessive for our body, we also get ill. We have to take into the proper amount of nutrition in order to avoid some diseases.

The fourth mistakes

After eating much fish or meat, we should keep the balance of the metabolism in our body. That is to say we should eat some food, which has the ability to help our intestinal to finish its work. Those foods, such as, honey, nuts and other sweet food. They can not only offer spleen with nutrition but also provide nutrition to lung and other organs.

The four mistakes mentioned here may have been around you and your family. We should pay more attention to this aspect, so we can live a better life with proper nutrition.

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