The Method for Analysis of Natural Gas by Gas Chromatography


As the development of the gas resource, the method used to analyze the ingredient of natural gas is attracting attention from more and more researchers. In this post, we mainly introduce the method for analysis of natural gas by gas chromatography.


The gas chromatography analysis is a physical and chemical separation analysis method. Those ingredients of natural gas will be separated when they go through the chromatographic column and then detectors will be used to change the concentration into the electrical signal and then it can be recorded. And then we can get the percentage composition of each ingredient by using the identification and quantification methods. The chromatographic column and detectors are mainly two parts of chromatography.

Tips for experiment

1. Preparing samples

Firstly, we can use samplers to get the samples. If the natural gas has low pressure, and the content of carbon dioxide is under 0.5%, and then we can use the draining water gathering of gas law to get samples or use the special sample package.

2. The operation of the instrument

Putting gas into the instrument, and then we use the compression release valve to regulate the pressure between the 0.20-0.39Mpa, regulating the pressure of the entry of the chromatographic column between 0.15-0.29Mpa, after that, the entry of detector should be closed. And it is important for researchers to make sure that the entry is closed. The second important tip is to open the entry of the detector. And then the electric source should be connected.

3. Analyzing the sample gas

In this tip, we can connect the containers with the entry. In order to protect samples from contamination, we should clean the valve with a special gas. After that, we should record the chromatographic peak for twice.

This gas chromatography test is a widely used method for analyzing the ingredients of natural gas. This post is mainly explaining the physical and chemical separation analysis method for all researchers.

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