Ingredient Analysis of Edible Oil


Edible oil is a necessary part on our table. However, which edible oil is healthier for human and what are their ingredients? This is a significant aspect in the researches of edible oil. In this post, I will introduce and analyze the ingredients of edible oil.


The main ingredient of edible oil is the fatty acid, which can be divided into two categories---saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids. In the unsaturated fatty acids, there is an essential fatty acid, which can only be gained from foods. And classified by the sources, edible oil can be divided in to animal oils and vegetable oils. The main ingredients of animal oil are saturated fatty acids and cholesterol. On the opposite, vegetable oil contains the unsaturated fatty acids.

And which kind of edible oil is better for our health? Here is the result.

Because of the great amount of saturated fatty acids and cholesterol in animal oils, people in recent years prefer to the vegetable oils. There are many kinds of vegetable oils, such as, peanut oil, corn oil, grape oil and olive oil. Although they are all called vegetable oils, they have different natures. For example, olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids. This kind of ingredient can reduce the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. This point has been proved by the Mediterranean. According to the Edible Fats and Oils Analysis, we can conclude that soya oil, peanut oil, corn oil and other vegetable oils are healthier than others.

How can we choose the healthier oil? You can tell them according to the following points:

1.Fresh color and light taste
2.Shelf life and production date
3.Manufacturer credibility
4.Testing by yourself
5.Reasonable price

Edible oil is the most important aspect of our daily life. So Edible Fats and Oils Analysis are really important for scientists, researchers and human beings. You can get the state-of-the-art service in this aspect from Creative Proteomics.

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