Information About Proteome Factory

Established in 2000, Peoteome Factory was founded by Dr. Christian Scheler and other scientists. It is a spin off company from Technische University Berlin and Charite.

The history of the last decade

After its foundation, Proteome Factory has gained a lot of award, such as, TU-Unternehmensgrunderpreis 2001, Businessplan Wettbewerb Berlin-Brandenburg and Sonderpreis der Wirtschaftsjunjoren 2011. These are the awards it achieved in 2001.

In 2002, Proteome Factory had made a big step in the proteomics technologies. It files its patents. And the next year, the headquarter of Proteome Factory had moved from the Charlottenburg to Mitte. In the same year, it is awarded by the BMWA for a project in proteomics technologies and by BMBF for a project in lab automatisation. In 2004, Proteome Factory has been granted for a project in the field of bioproduction by the BMBF.

In 2005, Proteome Factory receives its MeCAT-metal coded taggingtechnology-patent from the German Patent and Trade Mark Office(DPMA). What’s more, in the Annual World Congress HUPO in summer 2005, it presented the new de novo peptide sequencing software as well as the spot picking robot in common with MeCAT technology.

In the beginning of 2006, Proteome Factory launches the new SEQUiT! Release 4.0 with batch mode analysis of MSMS spectra. VWR BioScience and Proteome Factory close a cooperation treaty. Proteome Factory’s special contract research and analytical services are now available in Europe and USA.

The today of Proteome Factory

After one decade of development, Proteome Factory has been set up a complete patent of its running principle. So the products and services in Proteome Factory have a good fame in Europe and USA. The main products and services are listed below:

Proteome Factory offers the new and optimized products for efficient protein analysis and proteomics. As a leading supplier in the proteomics contract research, Proteome Factory has developed analysis kits, robots for proteomics automation and proteomics bioinformatics software solutions.

The analysis kits include the sample preparation, breakable SDS-PAGE gel and highly MS-compatible silver staining and fluorescent staining kits as well as the new MeCAT-metal coded tagging-technology for ultra sensitive protein quantification in multiplex experiments.

And the other widely used products are the Sequit!4.1 and PWB Protein Identification Software Solution, which are very useful in sequencing de novo peptide and protein identification.

This is the main information about Proteome Factory. The history and the recent development of the leading supplier in proteomics contract research.

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