Common Protease Inhibitors


Protease inhibitors are belonging to peptide compounds. They are very effective inhibitors. However, many researchers are confused with the use of protease inhibitors. So this post will conclude common protease inhibitors for them. There are many kinds of protease inhibitors. We mainly introduce six kinds of protease inhibitors.


Antipain is a symbol inhibitor of papain and trypsin. The effective concentration of antipain inhibitor is 50ug/ml. The storage solution is 1mg/ml solution. However, there are some points that we should notice. This kind of inhibitor has no effect on chymotrypsin, gastrin, plasmin.


The target protein of APMSF is trypsin-like serine protease. Its effective concentration is 10-40ug/ml or 10-20um. The storage solution is 100mmol/L solution. However, what we should notice about this inhibitor is that the toxicity of this inhibitor is lower than PMSF, so it cannot be used to inhibit Chymotrypsin or acetylcholinesterase.

Calpain inhibitor Ⅰ,Ⅱ

As for this inhibitor, the target protein is the calpain--calcium-dependent cysteine proteases. The effective concentrations are different--Ⅰ--17ug/ml; Ⅱ--7ug/ml. Calpain inhibitor can be dissolved in ethanol. And it can permeate film, which we should know.

B.M. comprehensive enzyme tablets

The B.M. comprehensive enzyme tablets are very effective and the target protein of it are serine, cysteine, and metalloproteinases. The effective concentration of this inhibitor is one tablet in 10-50ml cell extract. And there is no EDTA in this inhibitor.


This kind of protease inhibitor can be widely used. The target of this inhibitor is metalloproteinases. Its effective concentration is 0.2-0.5mg/ml or 0.5-1.3umol/L. And the storage solution of this inhibitor is 500mmol/L solution and ph=8.0.

Pefabloc SC(boe- hringer Mannheim)

The target protein is serine proteases. Its effective concentration is 0.1-1.0mg/ml or 0.4-4mmol/L and the storage solution is 100mM solution. And it is non-toxic and it is much more stable than PMSF under neutral pH condition.


PMSF, a serine protease inhibitor, which is widely used in preperation of the cell lysates. However, it is not inhibiting all serine proteases. In the 17-170ug/ml solution, the PMSF can be more effective and its storage solution is 10mg/ml solution of isopropanol. And the point is that when we are using this inhibitor is that we have to add it in each processes.

The six protease inhibitors are commonly and widely used in some researches. And researchers should point out some precautions before we use these protease inhibitors.

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