Bio-Industry Enterprises’ Development Trend in Recent Years

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The development of bio-industry enterprises is the most concerned by many people. Through learning the development trends, they can grasp the newest dynamic of this field. Here I will introduce several top enterprises’ development trends in this field for you.



As a leading Life Science and Technology company, Sigma-Aldrich has the professional services and high-quality products, such as, organic compounds, chemical and biochemical products.

Business development essential

In Sigma-Aldrich, Licensing & Strategic Investments Group is devoted to offering new products and services. In order to satisfy the chances in high-developing life science and advanced technology, they have created a results-drien strategy. In June 4, 2015, it announced “that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has selected Sigma-Aldrich as the first licensed distributor of NIST Standard Reference Materials® (SRMs).” This announcement makes Sigma-Aldrich step into a new stage in its product lines.


YorkTest laboratories have the professional team for the diagnostic testing. It is the leading provider in Europe for the food and drink specific IgG antibody testing programmes. It also has the profound researches on organic compounds.

Business development essential

According to a scientist, who have been involved in York-Test for many years, said: "in recent years, we will give the customers a new look of our website, which is not only including our products, but also the topic around food intolerance. And we also hope to continue to maintain the highest standards of quality."


In 1956, a non-profit company, called MedicAlert was merged. It contains a database of members’ medical information. Now, it has formed an international network, such as Australia, Canada, Malaysia and even South Africa, etc.

The dynamic of Medicalert

In March 13th, 2015, Achieve Magazine had awarded MedicAlert the Special Educational Needs award for best health support service 2015. Hannah commented:”we are very proud of receiving this award, which we hope recognises everyone’s efforts for the last 50 years in the UK.”

Among the enterprises of this field, the three are possessing a leading position. The dynamic of them may be an epitome of the development of the industry.

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