The Nobel Prize Winners in 2014


In our precious posts, we introduce winners of the Nobel Prize in the last decade. And from now on, we will introduce winners in recent two years in the coming posts. So in this post, winners in 2014 will be introduced to you.


There are three excellent scientists, who had been awarded for the Nobel Prize in 2014. They are Eric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell and William E. Moerner. They were awarded "for the development of super-resolved fluorescence microscopy".

Eric Betzig

Born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1960, Eric Betzig is an American physicist. He is the sonof Robert Betzig and Helen Betzig. In 1983, he studied physics at the California Institute of Technology and then graduated with a BS degree, which is drived by his enthusiasm in the aerospace industry. After that he was advised to study aT Cornell University by Aarn Lewis and Michael Isaacson. He got an MS degree and a PhD degree in this university. Eric Betzig is majorly working on developing the field of fluorescence microscopy and photoactivated localization microscopy. And then in 2014, he was awarded for the Nobel Prize for the achievement in this field.

Stefan W. Hell

Stefan W. Hell is a Romanian-born German physicist and he is also one of the directors of the Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry. He was born in Arad, Romania. From 1969 to 1978, he attended primary school and then the Nikolaus Lenau High School. In 1981, Stefan W. Hell received his doctorate un physics from Herdelberg University. After that, he worked for European Molecular Biology Laborotory in Heidelberg, in which he achieved in demonstrating the prociples of 4-Pi microscopy. Before awarded for the Nobel Prize, Stefan W. Hell had been received many prizes, such as, the Prize of the International Commission for Optics in 2000, the Helmholtz-Award for metrology, Co-Rezipient in 2001 and so on.

William E. Moerner

As an American physical chemist and chemical physicist, William E. Moerner is now working for the biophysics and imaging of single molecules. He is one of persons who are credited with achieving the first optical detection and spectriscopy of a single molecule in condensed phases. William E. Moerner was born in Pleasanton, California in 1953. He then attended Washington University in St. Louis, where he received his three degrees, including a B.S in physics with Final Honors, a B.S in electrical engineering with Final Honors and an A.B in mathematics summa cum laude in 1975. Just like Stefan W. Hell we introduced above, William E. Moerner had also achieved many prizes in this field.

This is the brief introduction of winners in 2014. In our following post, we will introduce the winners in 2015.

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