Nobel Prize Winners in 2010


In this post, we will continue to introduce winners in the Nobel Prize. In 2010, there were three winners, including Richard F. Heck, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki. Now, we will have a look at their life and career of them.


Richard F. Heck

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts in1931, Heck is an American chemist. And he was known for the discovery and development of the Heck reaction. In 1952 and 1954, he obtained his bachelor’s and his doctor of philosophy degree at the same university---The University of California, Los Angeles. Then in 1975, he got a position with the Hercules Corporation in Delaware. Because of the fruitful achievement in this aspect, he was employed by the University of Delaware’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in 1971. What’s more, Heck had been awarded many prizes. For example, in 2006, he was awarded for Creative Research in Synthetic Methods. In 2011, he was awarded for the Glenn T. Seaborg Medical for the work on palladium-catalyzed cross couplings. And of course, he also shared the Nobel Prize with the following two scientists.

Ei-ichi Negishi

Although Negishi was a Japanese chemist, he spent most time of his career in the United States. He is famous for the discovery of the Negishi coupling. Negishi was born in Changchun in China, and raised in Seoul of Korea under Japanese rule. In 1958, he graduated from the University of Tokyo, and then he studied abroad in the USA and obtained his PhD in the University of Pennsylvania in 1963. In 2000, he was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Sir Edward Frankland Prize Lectureship. After the Nobel Prize, he was awarded for the honorary doctor of science degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

Akira Suzuki

Akira Suzuki, a Japanese chemist, was born in Mukawa, Hokkaido. He is the first one who published the Suzuki reaction, the organic reaction of an aryl- or vinyl-boronic acid with an aryl- or vinyl-halide catalyzed by a palladium complex, in 1979. When he obtained his PhD, he worked for Hokkaido University as assistant professor. And from 1963 until 1965, he worked as a postdoctoral student at Purdue University. Of course, he had been awarded for many prizes. For example, in 1986, he was awarded for Weissberger-Williams lectureship Award; in 1995, he obtained the DowElanco Lectureship Award; in 2010, he was awarded for the Person of Cultural Merit, Order of Culture, as well as Nobel Prize.

These are the winners in 2010. In next post, we will introduce winners of Nobel Prize in 2011

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