Five Misunderstanding in Diet


Some people believe that the traditional diet and the traditional belief in the diet are the healthiest ways to follow. However, as the development of science and the food nutritional analysis from nutritionists, we can prove that some traditional opinions in diet are not so useful.



Here I will introduce some traditional opinions in the diet for you. You can tell whether you have made these mistakes or not.

Does Collagen White help you protect your skin? Many people answer "yes." However, there is something you do not know about the truth. Collagen White is also called as the incomplete proteins, which are formed without tryptophan. Collagen White, which has low nutrition value, is macromolecules. It cannot be absorbed by our body directly until it is changed into amino acids. What’s more, nitrogenous waste generated by Collagen White will destroy kidneys.

Can we eat fruit before a meal or after a meal? No? Actually we can eat fruit as our body loves to get. If we eat fruit before meal, it can help us to control our weight. Eating fruit, as we are eating a meal, can also improve the nutrition of our diet. As for some patients, who have something wrong with stomach, cannot eat fruit before meal.

Are fresh vegetables healthier than frozen vegetables? The fresh vegetables, which grow in your earth, are healthier than frozen vegetables. However, the vegetables we eat everyday are not fresh enough. It is stored for many days and then the nutrition in them will disappear. So it will not be healthier than the frozen vegetables. On the opposite, frozen vegetables may contain much more nutrition than those vegetables.’

Is honey the healthiest food for our body? It is said that honey can help our digestion and it is the healthiest food in our daily life. However, research shows that honey contains too much sugar, calories and a little nutrition. Honey, of course, can help our digestion, but it works well for those people who have difficulty in absorbing some fructose.

Does papaya can make your breast pretty? Of course no. Papaya contains so much nutrition. Carotene in papaya can be changed into vitamin A, which is very important in protecting our sight and immune function. What’s more, carotene has the ability for anti-aging. However, there is no connection between beautiful breast and the papaya. It cannot improve the secretion of female hormones.

There are five misunderstanding in diet in our daily life. Do you have these traditional opinions? Following the advanced science can help you live a better life.

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