Five Health Hazards of Vegetarianism


To be a vegetarian is the most popular method for people to lose weight. They have no time for any exercise. So eating vegetable and being a vegetarian are the most efficient way for them. However, they are getting slim and their health is also declined.



Here I will introduce five health hazards of vegetarianism. You have to pay more attention to these and then you can judge your own health level.

Micronutrient deficiencies

The micronutrients, such as, zinc, calcium, iron, are mainly stored in meat. Zinc mainly comes from animal meat; 80% of calcium is mainly from milk; 80% of iron is contained in meat and milk. Those micronutrients can be nearly found in vegetables. Conversely, the large number of oxalic acid in vegetables will block the absorption of these micronutrients. So the long-term vegetarians can easily suffer from micronutrient deficiencies.


In vegetables, there is so much plant fiber that can reduce the absorption rate of cholic acid and bile salt concentration. Vegetarians always have a little vitamin A and vitamin E, which can protect the gallbladder epithelial cells. The scarcity of the two micronutrients will cause the stones.

Vitamin deficiency

There are many kinds of diseases that vegetarians may have. For example, according to the nutritional analysis, the deficiency of vitamin A causes the night blindness and respiratory infections; the scarcity of vitamin D brings about the rickets in children and osteoporosis; the lack of vitamin E causes the Hemolytic anemia, seborrheic dermatitis and amino acid metabolism, decreased immunity.

Increasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease

Eating vegetables for a long time can cause the Hypocholesterolemia. Cholesterol is the basic substance for human cell membrane, hormone and cortisol, and it is also the most important nutrient for white cells. Researches show that when cholesterol in middle-aged women is too low, the mortality rate will be increased. And the Hypocholesterolemia will cause a stroke because of the vascular fragility of people.

Lack of protein

The lack of protein will influence the disease resistance a lot. And it also causes the ratio imbalance of carbohydrates, protein and fat in the body. Then it will bring you anemia, skinny, indigestion and memory decline.

The five health hazards of vegetarianism posted here will bring vegetarians much more diseases than those we introduced here. If you are vegetarianism, you should care about your health condition from now on. And then you can live a better life.

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